San Jose in The New York Times

So this is where I live, eh?

Actually, as trivial hype goes, this isn’t too bad. A little over-emphasis of the truly mundane and no mention of the best things (like Trial’s Pub and SJAC, dammit! both a mere 5-minute walk from where I sit this very moment), but it aint bad; and they did, after all, mention Original Joe’s which I think has to be among my ten favorite restaurants in the entire world and I know a lot of ’em. And for outside of the immediate downtown area, Santana Row is truly a very good effort at simulating the charm and organic diversity of a centre ville somewhere in France or Italy with its storefronts along the sidewalks and residences above. We nearly decided to buy our loft there instead of downtown.

I suppose if I didn’t like living here, I wouldn’t.

-NYT link courtesy of a fellow resident via email

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