Riveting. But I warn you. Once you get started, you might not come up for air for hours.

Back even before the advent of email I used to get the Nigerian scam letters in snail mail, even by fax. You know the ones.

Dear sir,

You’ll certainly wonder who I am? and how I got your adress? In fact I’m Patrick Guilley NGOZI,son of a General of Centrafrican Republic Army who was dead during the push which lead the fall of the Regime of president Ange-Felix PATASSE.So it is through CCIB ( Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin ) that your adress came to my knowlegde.I then decide to be in contact with you.

Sir,I am in Cotonou, Benin Republic with my younger brother and our mother since then,we are naw looking for a foreign partener who can help us to gain Europe,with the fortune left behind by our dead father.This fortune which has been safety kept in a reputable security company here ( in cotonou ) is physical cash of about seventy million US dollars ( USD ) and some quantity of gold, enhoused in two iron boxes.Be informed that the boxes were declared as personal effects.

…And so on. There are a million variations, but they essentially all rely on the same thing as concerns potential victims: larceny of the heart, i.e., the desire to obtain something for nothing.

So I was catching up at Radley’s place this afternoon waiting to head to the gym to throw some weight around and I got started on this unbelievable but clearly accurate account of a months long scambaiting endeavor. But be warned.

How many times would you photograph your Willy for 40,000 Euro?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Not enough for you? Here’s a whole collection of scams on the scammers. Some of these "artists" are even good enough to get the scammers to DHL cash (which is then donated to charity).

I don’t know where these people find the time, but I’m sure glad they do.

Richard Nikoley

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