“Speaking Intolerable Truths”

Much as I hate to say it, because he’s so often whack, Pat Buchanan is right about this. It’s along the lines of something I wrote yesterday.

…up on that stage in Columbia, he was speaking intolerable truths. Understandably, Republicans do not want him back…

I suppose it’s not unreasonable to say that those who opposed going into Iraq in the first place had very good reason, simply because the chances were so great it would end up the complete and undeniable mess it has ended up. I supported going in, and I was agnostic on the nation-building democracy thing, which is to say: if you can do it, do it quick, and it works, fine. I should have considered how unlikely that was. What we should have done (20/20 hindsight-wise) is as soon as Saddam Hussein was captured, to haul ass, along with delivering a stern message to not make us come back.

Richard Nikoley

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