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A marvelous streaming slide show by James Fallows. Unlike some, I just don’t see the real downside in any of this. Essentially, China had no place to go but up and they recognized that for some time. Considering the gross evil of the past (which was far worse than any you find today), the near meltdown of Russia post-USSR, and more than a billion mouths to feed I can’t help but consider that a gradual pace is socially and culturally called for, and I’ll continue to make that assessment so long as I see evidence that more and more Chinese are becoming more and more free, wealthy, and generally better off. I think it’s indisputable that’s the case.

That slide show tells me that China wants to be part of the rest of the world and doesn’t want to screw it up like Russia has (if indeed there was even an effort beyond putting new clothes on old thugs).

(link: rockwell)

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