Nasty Egos

And the ego "justice" marches on. You know, I really don’t know why I care enough to go to the trouble of a post on this, on Paris Hilton of all things. I actually just stumbled upon that story, seeing it in the sidebar while looking for something else and just couldn’t let it slide.

I suppose I just have this sense — call it a "feeling" if you like — that this sort of outlandish effort to seek retribution for supposed acts that aren’t even asserted to have harmed anyone is just absolutely the worst thing about some of humanity; and I think it’s at the root of a whole lot of much greater evil.

Maybe it’s because I feel that my own greatest battle with myself is to control feelings that seem sometimes to delight in fantasies that some people are in some way harmed, humbled, or embarrassed because I find them wanting in some respect or another, or I simply don’t like them, or they irritate me. I have no doubt that’s everything behind both the prosecution’s and (now more obviously than ever) judge’s actions, here.

If you ask me, the only one to have displayed some hint of maturity and conscience was Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.

Richard Nikoley

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