Weekend Food Blogging – Sunday Cabin Breakfast

A quick throw together.


Scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh cantaloupe from one of the fabulous fruit & vegetable stands we stopped at on the way up (also were we got the salad ingredients for the dish below).

The egg scramble is chopped tomatoes and onions sautéed in a bit of olive oil. Once most of the juice from the tomato has evaporated away, remove them to the egg mixture, add some butter (unsalted, please!) to the skillet and scramble the eggs with some salt & pepper. For this sort of thing, I like to do it on about medium heat. Someday I'll blog about doing plain scrambled eggs on low heat (low low). They don't taste like any scrambled eggs you've ever had, but I'll save that for another time.

Just look at that beautiful avocado. Enough said.

The bacon is from the butcher's counter here in Arnold, you get it by the (thick) slice, and it's my favorite bacon anywhere. Be patient and cook bacon on medium low. JBC ("just before crispy") is what you're after if your taste is in any way parallel to mine.

I like to eat cantaloupe on the rind, as opposed to peeling and wedging it. Why? Juices, baby. Juices. If you slice it up on the cutting board, you leave all the juice right there. Here's a tip: ever had your bite of melon go flying off as you scoop it out with the spoon? Then use a teaspoon or smaller if you have it, and then dig in at the vertical and rotate 360. It then functions as a melon baller, and what's more, all the juice is left right there in your melon ball crater just waiting to be scooped up at the next bite.

Well, it's actually Monday morning, now, and the remaining six slices (yes, I know exactly how many) of bacon are awaiting the frying pan.

Until next time…

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