Weekend Food Blogging – Sunday Breakfast

I had a great time preparing breakfast this morning and had been looking forward to it since I awoke.


Obviously, an omelet. But with what? Well, it's got red onion, fresh asparagus, sour cream, crème fraîche, mayonaise, fresh chopped dill, white pepper, and lumpfish caviar. Sliced campari tomatoes, bacon, and a fruit salad with fresh cantaloupe, blackberries, and blueberries round out the preparation.

To prepare the omelet, I fist chopped the red onions and asparagus and sauteed them in olive oil at high heat just for a couple of minutes to bring out the flavor. Olive oil will break down quickly, so I took it off the heat, removed the vegetables to my beat-up egg preparation (with a dash of salt & pepper). I then added a pat of butter to the olive oil and cooked the omelet on medium low heat. Flipping a 4-egger (Bea & I split it) over without destroying it is a practiced skill. Don't lose heart.

The sauce is from last week when I grilled salmon and asparagus for some friends, but it keeps very well in the fridge.  Mix one part sour cream to one part crème fraîche, to a half part mayonnaise. Then, depending upon how much you're making, I'd say about a heaping tablespoon of fresh dill per cup total of sauce. Lumpfish eggs are available at most supermarkets (canned sardines area), are not expensive, and come dyed red or black. I'd say about an ounce or two per cup — but be careful; they're salty. For a preparation such at this, I rinse them by placing them in a bowl of water, drain off the excess water, then scoop them over the side of the bowl with a spoon or butter knife. Once you mix it all together (very gently so as to not break too many of the delicate fish eggs) let it sit for an hour in the refrigerator in order to firm up as well as to extract the flavor of the dill (especially important if you have to use dried dill). And if you're queasy about eating anything with fish eggs, I've been making dishes with these eggs for over a decade and have yet to experience a single person not like them in the way I use them.

So there you have it. Still don't know what we're having for dinner (I do that; I start thinking about the next meal before I'm even finished with the one I'm on). Right now, I'm thinking grilled pork chops (olive oil and lemon marinade, perhaps?), sauteed asparagus and a simple green-leaf lettuce salad with tomatoes and French vinaigrette (no balsamic). We'll see.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Lute Nikoley on June 3, 2007 at 18:53

    Just when do we get invited to one of these great meals, Ha? I think I am going to start calling you the "Blogging Gormet."

  2. Linda Morgan on June 4, 2007 at 08:44

    I think I am going to start calling you the "Blogging Gormet."

    He's rekindling my decade-old memories of The Blockhead Gourmet — of Blockhead Journal fame.
    I was" target="new">there daily during my first months surfing the web and just loved that it was all being done, for the most part and early on, by just one person. He had something new almost everyday, lots of pictures (many lost to the Wayback Machine) and all sorts of interesting stuff to say about politics, the news and everything else. He always proudly let his readers know how many countries he'd reached — 91 by the time of the front page I've linked here.

    I thought it was the most revolutionary thing ever that an individual could and would do all that — just for the attention. And now we have — and consider that we long since have had — an entire blogosphere. I love it.

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