Almost as if?

It’s almost as if politicians don’t really care what lenders are doing,
they just want to find an excuse to get a few sound-bites on the local
news back in their district and issue some legislation to expand
federal power in the banking industry.

Ya think? I think I know how how friar William of Ockham would call it. When people politicians find themselves in a heads-I-win, tails-I-win situation, it’s had to imagine them not taking advantage of it. That goes a long way towards explaining most politics, and people on every side fall for it every time.

The only general way for politicians — qua parasitic organism — to lose is for people to quit paying any attention to them. As a class, they don’t win and lose elections. It’s in the turnout. Just not showing up hands them the only meaningful defeat they will ever encounter.

Richard Nikoley

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