Euphemisms and Distinctions

At least I was able to laugh

Driving home from breakfast, I mustered the nerve to switch over to NPR and listen to a "debate" (euphemism for phony opposition) over California’s health care "crisis" (euphemism for manufactured hysteria). I learned that what we need is a "plan" (euphemism for scam) for a "system" (euphemism for absolute control by the state and select privileged companies) in order save us from the "random hodge podge" (euphemism for free market and ultimate control by customers) that currently exists.

Most importantly, we learn that what Schwarzenegger most certainly "doesn’t want to do" (euphemism for exactly what he will do) is to create another "giant bureaucracy" (euphemism for bad before the fact and good after the fact, when fake jobs are at stake).

Yea, that’s where I really lost it.

On the bright side, they were reading some listener emails and actually had the nerve to read one from someone with some brains, asking why they kept referring to it as "insurance," when what it is is pre-paid heath care. If you buy something that covers all routine and major maintenance on your car, you don’t call that "insurance." It’s a maintenance contract, and it’s understandably very expensive — which is why most people don’t buy them; they take their chances and pay as they go. Insurance is a low-cost, long-term means of covering catastrophic costs.

Of course the point was quickly acknowledged, and everyone just as quickly moved on.

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