“Land of the Free” Updates

Both from Radley Balko, as usual. First up; Highway Robbery.

Should people who carry large
sums of cash just assume that there’s a small chance the government
will simply steal it from them at gunpoint?

I rather think there’s a small chance that anyone besides the government will steal it from them at gunpoint. The real "funny" part — and I was just telling someone about this the other day, to their total astonishment — The DEA’s case will be filed as "United States vs. $23,700." Yea; they sue the cash. …Just so you know and understand the "brilliant" legal "logic" underlying it all.


Here’s an update
on Steve Tucker, a drug war outrage many people have forgotten about.
Tucker was just released from a 10-year sentence for the crime of
selling otherwise-legal merchandise (grow lights, irrigation equipment,
fertilizer) to people who may or may not have then used that
merchandise to grow hydroponic marijuana.

The story is just an outrage in every conceivable way. I just can’t even comment beyond that.

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