Two Funny Things

1. Funny: This post on the completely undefined or distinguished "Conservative Revolution."

2. Funnier: The seven comments (so far).

If Paul accomplishes nothing but expose the republicans for the slithery and unprincipled reptiles they’ve become, then it’ll be something, I guess.

At minimum, it should be interesting. I’m pretty confident that Paul will soon command "top tier" status simply because the media is being embarrassed right and left and the coverage volume is increasing pretty rapidly already. The resistance is understandable. On principle, integrity, and honesty, Paul is simply unassailable. He’s completely bullet proof, so the only way, really, to counter him — when you have no choice but to — is to either mimic him — but without a shred of integrity or track record — or push even farther to the left and talk about how "the world has changed" and how big government is essential and Republicans are simply going to have to get on board. Once he’s recognized top tier, it’s kinda tough to ridicule him because you’re ridiculing his supporters, whose votes you wish to secure.

Paul is the ultimate Republican wedge, and I’ll just love it if he just blows the shit out of that cadre of hypocritical shit bags. Then, perhaps, they can rebuild something with a modicum of principle, honesty, and integrity — because having those virtues within a hundred miles of any national politician but Paul is a complete laughing farce.

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  1. Kyle Bennett on August 31, 2007 at 20:09

    You know, the most interesting unintended consequence of this protracted campaign season is the opportunity it provides for grass to grow.

  2. Richard Nikoley on August 31, 2007 at 21:20


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