Competing Narratives

While there are nonetheless moral distinctions to make, Murray Sabrin's argument is worth taking a minute to ponder. President Ahmadinejad has made provocative statements, to say the least, about the Holocaust and the State of Israel. As a savvy politician Ahmadinejad knows how to push the international community’s buttons. But if he is a Holocaust denier, someone who has called it a “myth,” then his understanding of European history is shallow, at best. However, there are American politicians -- and scholars -- whose knowledge of our own history is shallow or wrapped up in myth: Lincoln is the “great emancipator,” Teddy Roosevelt was a great president because he was a “reformer,” Woodrow Wilson was a great leader because he wanted to spread democracy, FDR saved American from the Great Depression with the New Deal, Truman had to nuke two Japanese cities to end Word War II, LBJ was a compassionate architect of the Great Society, etc, etc. Yet, not only do American politicians get air time to repeat these myths of American history but some of them are revered by the media and are running for president. Ahmadinejad’s great sin is to deny one of the worst acts in human...

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Richard Nikoley

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