Go Stupid Looking Shoes

I think Crocs are a crock. It’s amazing. Make a variety of injection molds, mix up various bright colors of foam rubber, gets the kids interested, and whamo! You’ve got a hit. They look ridiculous, but who am I to judge? (click to enlarge)


Not a bad run over the last year, eh? 400%. Anyway, in one of my rare individual equity trades (mostly I trade index derivatives) I bought just over $16,000 worth of Oct call options yesterday right as it was breaking that horizontal line it has been hitting its head against for two months. I was up nearly $4,000 by the end of the day, and up $7,000 as we speak.

Go stupid looking shoes!

I suppose I’ll have to tell you all about a losing trade here, soon. Gotta keep the selection bias within some measure of reason.

Richard Nikoley

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