Mac Update

Been busy with all things computing. It's actually going better than I expected, but I'm taking it very slow. Yesterday was mostly an exercise in sorting out solutions for my new Mac. (I got the 15.4" MacBook Pro at 2.4Ghz. Why? Well I considered the amazing MacPro, but the low end price for that was equal to the high end MacBook, and frankly, these things are so fast now that it just isn't necessary. Plus,…Read More

It’s Time

Let me show you a couple of charts, both covering the last five years. The first is from a company that was trading in the mid-20s five years ago, and is now trading in the mid-30s, so it's doing a reasonable, average, entrenched established 10% per year, on average. Gains are so modest that compounding isn't much of a factor. Now here's the second company, covering the same space of time. It was trading at…Read More

Closing Bell YouTubing

We're still touch & go, but a 2.5% gain (S&P 500) on the week is pretty conventional after a week like the last. If there's a positive note in it it, it's gotta be today. We started strong, retraced only about half of it, and from about 12 Eastern to close there was barely a bump in the road up; and on a Friday too, at a time when "fear of holding over the weekend"…Read More

Idle News Notes

Post workout at the gym yesterday, standing at the vanity counter watching SoCal fire coverage: Waiting with baited breath...waiting for the reportage of the fire's random destruction through various neighborhoods -- utterly destroying some while leaving others unscathed -- to be interpreted by some reporter or fortunate homeowner as divine providence. Happily, surprisingly, I waited in vain. A young (maybe 8) but articulate boy on his way to see if his house still stands is…Read More

One Small Request

Can we please, please just stop asking "how we're going to pay" for tax cuts? There's simply no way around the fact that it's a dishonest question or proposition. "Pay," in this context, refers to necessary budgetary considerations for anybody considering a re-ordering of his or her values. Values they own and have earned. A thief can stop stealing, or steal less, any time he wants. He doesn't have to pay to stop stealing, or…Read More

A Little Something to Blog About

There was a time, not too long ago, when I thought that an overly-obsessive Ron Paul mania was sweeping the Internet. As much as I have always admired Ron Paul’s rock-solid commitment to liberty and peace, along with his remarkable dedication to intellectual study, I didn’t yearn to hear libertarians do live blogging play-by-plays of his every speech and every step, and I didn’t care to read a trillion posts about pointless straw polls in…Read More


Funny how things change. Both my mom and dad expressed some concern to me today because I'd not been seen or heard from in about a week -- much like around here on the blog. Yet, back when I was often traipsing around tropical southwestern Pacific paradises, I'd go a month or two without a word to anyone on the home world. What can I say? There's just nothing in the news that interests me…Read More

“Management Fee”

I just sent an email out to a property manager for one of my rentals -- this one being in Sacramento -- which explained that there are two aspects to "management fee;" one being the fee part, which they have no trouble with, but the other being management, which part apparently needs some clarification. Printed on the standard monthly account statement was an item for plumbing and a modest $65 charge, billed to me, which…Read More

Closing Bell Carnage

Well that didn't work out. At that point we'd shed about 45 points off the high of the S&P 500, and now we're 30 points more off that. That's just shy of 5% off last Thursday's highest price. Needless to say: my profits from the last two week are all gone, and then some. But I'm still in all my positions. The reasonably good thing about this week, and even today, is that it was…Read More

A Most Curious Thing (2 things)

There are a couple of elements to this tragic story that I find curiously compelling, and I doubt anyone from the West can adequately explain it. That amidst such fervent primitivity, there resides nuclear weapons. That amidst such fervent primitivity, they had elected a woman to rule them; whereas, we enlightened ones are just considering it seriously for the first time ever. I want to think that, either we're already eventually screwed (the nukes), or…Read More

Let Children Touch Hot Stoves

I really can't think of any other meaningful way to regard this. Under the ruse of ending harassment, a number of universities have established speech codes. Bowdoin College has banned jokes and stories "experienced by others as harassing." Brown University has banned "verbal behavior" that "produces feelings of impotence, anger or disenfranchisement" whether "unintentional or intentional." University of Connecticut has outlawed "inappropriately directed laughter." Colby College has banned any speech that could lead to a…Read More

Feel the Heat

Bad week in the markets on bad news. In only three days, we've got wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth, and Bears at the gates. Seen from the perspective of three days or a week, that's one interpretation; but how about a couple of months? Anything can happen, but that lower trend line has held twice, the aqua line is the 30-day moving average -- which is tracking the lower trend line (very common) --…Read More

Paul and the Religious Right

Via Rockwell, Ron Paul's getting lots of nods at CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network. Some semblance of Paul's true and underlying message of freedom -- and "Christlike" humility and charity -- seems to be sinking in. I didn't blog the news surrounding the "Values" Voter Debate, because it was clear to me that there was still too much misunderstanding about what Paul stands for. Evangelicals on the right, having gained a lot of political sway,…Read More

Campaign ROI

Everyone talks about what a campaign raises and spends, but whovever calculates a retunr on investment? These guys & gals did. Do you grasp the enormity of those numbers? Doesn't mean a win, by any stretch, but it's no less remarkable. Any campaign manager is a fool not to try to understand this. Via Rockwell.Read More

Watch This

Now, tell me he doesn't understand what he's talking about with respect to monetary policy (do you know what you're talking about?). I'm extremely gratified to know that he's a step ahead of me. Of all his policy proposals, I'm least existed about the "goldbugism." I've previously explained why I don't think creating money to extend credit (to legitimate, credit worthy entities) is a problem, and indeed, I believe it's a profoundly important financial innovation.…Read More

“The Betrayal of the American Right” has seen fit to publish this work by Murray Rothbard on the web, piece by piece. Isn't that nice, and aren't we lucky? I'd had this on my list to acquire, but I hate to order one book at a time, and plus, I've already got so many books in my Sony Reader, and I just love love love reading books that way (far better than paper books, and I never thought I'd say…Read More