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Post workout at the gym yesterday, standing at the vanity counter watching SoCal fire coverage:

  • Waiting with baited breath…waiting for the reportage of the fire’s random destruction through various neighborhoods — utterly destroying some while leaving others unscathed — to be interpreted by some reporter or fortunate homeowner as divine providence. Happily, surprisingly, I waited in vain.
  • A young (maybe 8) but articulate boy on his way to see if his house still stands is interviewed whilst stuck in traffic that’s being held up for the jobholder-in-chief’s motorcade: "At a point you just don’t care about the president; I just want to go home." The contempt on the boy’s face and in his voice is unmistakable. It’s never too early or too late to teach children general and utter contempt for politicians as a baseline attitude. In other words, contempt ought to be the default position, until otherwise proven. (Yea, I understand he’s probably just got leftie parents in this case.)

On the way to meet my brother for breakfast this morning, on NPR in the car:

  • Finally some sanity in the Genarlow Wilson
    case. But it never should have taken this long, and most particularly,
    should never have been prosecuted. I’m serious when I say that it’s
    times like this that I truly wish there existed a hell, and that there
    was a very special place therein reserved for Douglas County District Attorney David McDade,
    whose death I would love to learn of and celebrate on its anniversary. It would please me greatly and I would consider myself lucky to know
    that he died tortured, miserable, and alone. And if his children and
    their offspring come occasionally to urinate on the site of his grave,
    such knowledge would be taken as a divine and immaculate blessing. …Stop
    and think about the fact that you live in a "free country" where your
    17 year old son could get a 10-year prison sentence for doing what one
    hell of a lot of you did when you were raging with hormones (and if you
    didn’t, it wasn’t for lack of wishing and trying). It takes almost five
    years and he has to serve a few of those in jail before the reason and
    sense common to virtually anyone on the street comes through, and it’s
    at the level of the dammed State Supreme Court. Fuck them all; to death.
  • There was a discussion and debate amongst various participants
    concerning Cuba and the U.S. embargoes going back forever. Someone was
    making the "strong" point, to which almost everyone else agrees, that
    Cuba is one of only a few countries at most that won’t let their
    citizens leave; they must have an exit visa. Someone pointed out that
    while that is indeed bad, it ought not be overlooked that the U.S. has
    banned its citizens from visiting Cuba for 50 years. Even if — as a U.S. citizen — you had
    lived in Europe for the last 50 years and decided to
    travel to Cuba, the U.S. could extradite you upon your return, prosecute, and jail you. …Because, you know, we’re the "land of
    the free," and all.

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