Ron Paul Roundup

Lots of interesting things, at least I think so. Patrick Raffini did an analysis of his fund raising by state, and it looks nothing like a red/blue map. Via Sullivan. CNBC learns not to mess with Ron Paul. Backlash to CNBC taking down their internet debate poll because it was showing Ron Paul winning with 75% of the vote, in spite of being afforded the least time to respond to questions as any other candidate.…Read More

Fighting for Freedom?

I'm going to do this in two parts, the second being an update to this post. The first part is short, simply to alert you to an interesting set of posts and the roundup and analysis conducted by one Billy Beck right here. The rest of what I'll have to post will likely make little, or at least less sense without the background. Read those links at the top of Billy's post, in order, then…Read More

Rand is not Right

And thank god for that. It's a great article that delves into the what and why of how Rand -- like many of us -- came to curse most republicans and conservatives, declaring them avowed enemies. Mr. Buckley and his National Review were trying to build a politically viable postwar right, including a border fence around respectable conservatism. Rand's ferocious and uncompromising opposition, not only to any government action beyond protecting individual rights, but also…Read More

Very Bad Day at the Office

Now suppose you are an opinion editor for a paper; let's say of a leftist bent. In the old days, you could write just about whatever, and so long as you vaguely refer to lots of "complexities" and so on, all adding up to some necessity to take from some and redistribute to others, you're gold. No need to get into why, just now. Suffice it to say that the reason the media has traditionally…Read More


You'll likely have virtually nothing in common politically with this guy -- I sure don't -- but I say it's a damn shame when a socialist from the Netherlands (Jeiel Schalkwijk) understands American federalism more clearly than virtually any conservative I know, assuming many conservative have the slightest clue as to its general attributes, which I doubt. Freedom is a uniting influence in broad terms, which motivates some natural division and separation in narrower term;…Read More

Ron Paul Update

Remember I pointed out a few days ago about one of his videos going viral? Karen DeCoster has an update from Charles Burris. This inspiring video posted at has been viewed over two hundred twenty nine thousand, five hundred times [now over 263,000 - Ed]. It is one of thirty six thousand, nine hundred videos on Ron Paul on that site. Four million, five hundred thirty four thousand, nine hundred eighty seven persons have…Read More

La Villa Strangiato

Alright; that's it for the day, unless it's not. Great day of catch up and tweaking up bits here and there for the new name, look, and theme -- modifying same in the various connections from Bloglines to Feedburner to Technorati and more. Here's a favorite, by a favorite. The opening has Alex Lifeson showcasing a mashed finger, on tour, in Europe. Oh: he plays guitar. Then there's Getty Lee telling you about cancellations because…Read More

More Gore

...and of such complexity that they would likely never get their due in history. Billy Beck, commenting on something I read earlier today at Warren's other blog. What he's referring to, in my view, is the inherent conflict between truth and honesty. Complexity means: many facts. And many facts provides ample opportunity to tell a number of truths, all limited in context. But nobody is going to know the limitations of the context of the…Read More

A Political Insight

I lucked out on the trip up here to the cabin yesterday (other than drive time), but I'll get to that in a second. First, a diversion. Every now and then (more now than then) I get tired of news and talk and put the radio on music. Usually it's classic rock, but then there's a "mix" station I'll check out from time to time and catch a new tune I end up liking. Gotta…Read More

“Chemo for the GOP”

It's at least an interesting thought. To be sure, the Republican party suffers from an aggressive form of cancer -- brain cancer? -- but is Evita the right prescription? Can she kill the cancer without also killing the last vestige of anything good about the Republicans, or worse? Man, I don't know. I've said for years that Hillary will never be President; but right about now I'm feeling like I do when I think a…Read More

Eleven Inconvenient Truths

Doubly so, seeing as how Gore managed to score his "Peace Prize" yesterday. Yea, well the Norwegians have become a parody of themselves for awhile, now. Food for thought: Gore didn't call the film "Inconvenient Honesty." Can you imagine it being named that? More food for thought: Why isn't the expression "the honest truth" considered redundant (and rightly so)?Read More

Atlas Shrugged Off Truth; Embraces Honesty

I didn't get around to blogging the 50-year anniversary of the publication of this great work, and I'd intended to kick off this morning with something else -- but I'll get to that. I was checking my friend Greg Swann's blog and found I had missed this WSJ article by David Kelley. Businessmen are favorite villains in popular media, routinely featured as polluters, crooks and murderers in network TV dramas and first-run movies, not to…Read More


Just arrived and fired everything up. It's about 2:45 with no traffic. This trip to the cabin took 4:15, and I think 3:30 is the most it has ever taken before. The rainfall, I guess. Well, I haven't eaten in over 10 hours, so it's off to Snowshoe Brewery. More later.Read More

The New Title, Look & Theme

You can see for yourself, and feel free to let me know what you think. I'll explain more later about where I'm going with this. But for now, chew on this: truth vs. honesty. It's a big idea, in my view, and it gets no attention anywhere that I can tell (other than by implication). Moreover, I believe that we often resort to and emphasize truth in order that we may ultimately evade reality or…Read More

My Last Post

Yep. This will be my very last post for all eternity at Uncommon Sense. ...That's because I'm changing the name of the blog, as well as the format and look. I'm also changing not so much the focus (politics & culture), but my approach to it, and I intend for it to be more of a true blogging experience, with less longish commentary. I intend to employ what I consider to be a unique device…Read More

Going Viral

This video, with 130,000 views, and over 10,000 diggs. I enjoy reading some of the comments on these sites and what I find most interesting, compelling, is the unity around principles and ideas, unlike I have ever seen.Read More

Cheap Smears to Uphold Illusions and Nighmares

It's amusing and telling how republicans and "libertarians" are willing to outright lie and smear Ron Paul like they do with that "isolationist" charge. Ron sets the record straight. He's right, and those who persist are simply liars. A non-interventionist foreign policy is not an isolationist foreign policy. It is quite the opposite. Under a Paul administration, the United States would trade freely with any nation that seeks to engage with us. American citizens would…Read More


Ron Paul is the "least favorite" among 45 "right-of-center" bloggers. There's little doubt this is driven by the warmongering (there, I said it) Republicans. This of course is another data point in my growing suspicion that the right, and all of the right, is just as evil as the left, and all of the left. They're just different. The moral distinctions cover different subject matter, that's all. I'm confident that for every gross evil from…Read More