Paul and the Religious Right

Via Rockwell, Ron Paul's getting lots of nods at CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network. Some semblance of Paul's true and underlying message of freedom -- and "Christlike" humility and charity -- seems to be sinking in. I didn't blog the news surrounding the "Values" Voter Debate, because it was clear to me that there was still too much misunderstanding about what Paul stands for. Evangelicals on the right, having gained a lot of political sway, have moved from their traditional and valid position of opposing federal, state, and local incursions into their peaceful religious practices, to increasingly support and promote political activism to impose their [religious] values on everyone else. And, of course, everyone flocks to the feds, because it's just too irresistible: the temptation of being able to get one piece of legislation passed and have uniformity throughout the land, rather than dealing with 50 jurisdictions, some of which you're certain to fail in. But it looks like are lot of them are coming to realize that Paul holds many of the same values they do; but he rightly holds that except for those issues expressly under the purview of the U.S. Constitution, these are matters for individuals, families,...

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