$10 mil

Ron hit and surpassed the $10 mil mark for the quarter, today, at precisely two-thirds in. Another half mil, and he’ll have again doubled last quarter’s take. His "crazy goal" of $12 mil for the entire quarter now seems modest and unambitious. He’s already raised more so far this quarter than Guiliani, Romney, or Thompson raised in all of last quarter.

And now comes news of another completely independent effort by people unencumbered by centralized "federal" control. These crazies want a BLIMP! Yea, a goddammed blimp. They set out with a goal to raise $350K to put the deal together, and their pledges are closing in on $500k. Regardless of Paul’s outcome, I’ll love to see these folks put it together.

With this, the November 5th money bomb, and the coming December 16th Tea Party, the most impressive thing shaping up about this whole deal is the unprecedented independence and autonomy of this campaign and the true American spirit of those moving it — with these aforementioned efforts, the thousands of creative and clever videos, the blogs, the meetups, and all that. If one were to quantify that in terms of dollars, I’m guessing that Paul has raised the most of anyone.

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  1. Kyle Bennett on November 30, 2007 at 16:59

    Reminds me of this cartoon

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