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For the first time ever, Mick, Keith, Ian and Charlie made a buck off me.  I went ahead and bought the 1971 Sticky Fingers album on iTunes which is probably their album with the most tracks I like. Here’s my favorite, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. The guitar work sounds pretty simple to me (for those who know what they’re doing, of course), but I like whatever effect he’s using, the seeming kinda discord, and timing. It just sounds cool to me and I’ve always liked that song.

For a nice & slow number it’s hard to beat Wild Horses.

So there you have it. I went and saw Beowulf this afternoon and liked it (Whereas, No Country for Old Men last night was 4/5ths good: the ending sucked rotten, stinky shit and I felt like a big sucker). My favorite line from the former was when the protagonist, Beowulf, was describing the spreading religion of the Romans and cursed it by judging that men must live "in fear and shame." That’s just a perfect and complete two-concept description of ne of the worst things men ever invented to dominate other men. Least I’m not that much of a sucker, anymore.

Later: just got back from seeing Hitman, with Timothy Olyphant as an interesting choice in that role. If you like that sort of thing (lots of reasonably righteous killing and mayhem), this is a fun one, I’d say.

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