Almost There

Well, see for yourself.


I switched out Bea’s Mac Mini for her work MacBook Pro (setup to the
left; she has only the 2.2Ghtz model, not the 2.4 as I do). It’s a bit
more cumbersome, as she has to pack up and set up every morning and
evening, but with an extra power supply in place, she has only to
unplug the power and monitor (no need to screw in the DVI monitor
interface), pop the lid closed and she’s off. No need to shut down
either going to work or coming home. She’ll be running on power soon
enough. The advantages of working off one machine make up for the bit
of extra hassle, plus this is such a nicer machine.

Underneath that desk used to reside a bunch of PC equipment and now
there’s none. I’m retaining my tiny Vaio notebook, but that’ll be the
only PC in the house. It has been surprisingly easy and effortless, and
I’ve pretty much discovered enough using the Mac day-to-day to get real
stuff done that I haven’t the slightest regret about the switch —
quite the contrary. It’s mostly a whole bunch of little things. It does
a lot of things just automatically, intuitively, that often take steps
on a PC. Sure, I’m used to those steps going back years, but I sure as
hell hate explaining them to other people with tech issues.

Here’s another thing. I’m not running XP on this at all; neither a dual-boot setup, nor in Parallels. Though, if I did, it would run Windows faster than any other production PC notebook computer in the world. That’s why it has taken a bit of time. I’m doing all I need to do with applications built for the Mac.

I might be switching browsers, too. Firefox is beloved, but damn if Safari just doesn’t kick its ass in speed every time I run ’em side-by-side, and then there’s the fact that Safari syncs its  bookmarks with the iPhone. Is that a big deal? Well, let me put it this way; Friday evening I was over at Trails pub, and in the space of two McCallen 12-yr-olds, I read this and this, in full, and each and every one of the posts Billy linked up, in full, and they were quite numerous in that second one. No problem. Finally, the web actually works on a phone.

Still hard to give up my Firefox, though. Good thing it works great on the Mac. I’ll see how it goes.

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