Bigger, and a Better Theme

Much as I enjoyed the November 5th "money bomb," and much as it exceeded my expectations, the theme was a bit obscure and perhaps just a bit racy for a presidential campaign.

But could you think of a better theme than the Boston Tea Party? Brilliant. One must wonder if the clever "nobody" who organized this, who doesn’t work for the campaign and whom Paul has never met, had this in mind all along. Now, with more time in which to sign up pledges, a far better American Revolution theme, and the benefit of both hindsight and the confidence of success, I won’t be the slightest bit surprised to see the one-day fund raising record reset to over $10 million.

The sign up rate is far out pacing that last effort. Not only that, but while 17,500 people signed up for Nov 5th, about double that actually contributed.

The best quote about all this I’ve seen lately goes to Paul Gottfried.

He is a wonderful embarrassment to our two odious national parties.

Hell ya. You know what? I could care less if the country does go to hell in a handbasket because of what Paul is doing. Fuck you if you’re concerned that it’ll get Hillary! elected. Fuck you, and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart. Those who are happy to see a little honesty and integrity, for once, in an American political campaign — vs. this — oh, well — "odious" crap all the time — don’t owe you a god dammed thing and you can just fuck right off. Get it?

Screw you. Am I making myself clear? This is what it’s all about, and I’m willing to see America, and all of it, go straight into the shitter, rather than sit around and spew bullshit like so many of you — with your sliderules and "political analysis" — and not support and applaud something like this, which I do on a number of levels. From The Chicago Tribune.

Hammering home a singular message of freedom, free markets, smaller federal government and greater personal responsibility, Paul, at 72, is nothing if not consistent. Personally, he seems very much the same in a one-on-one conversation as he does on the stump: earnest, serious and slightly stunned. Although pleasant, he, unlike most politicians, makes no effort to charm. He leaves an impression that he is out to sell ideas, not himself.


Long unafraid to take rock-solid stands on issues that would turn other candidates’ knees to jelly-witness his opposition to gun control and censorship of pornography or anything else on the internet, and his approval of decriminalizing marijuana and prostitution-Paul has developed the unlikely political habit of saying exactly what he thinks. All the time. Whether he’s on the floor of the House of Representatives or on the couch of ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

A life of lying to one’s self, everyone else, and swallowing everyone else’s pathetic lies for fear of the consequences of truth, honesty, and brutal reality is no life at all. I hate — I loath — all of you god dammed liars. Fuck you.

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