Johah Goldberg’s punchline :

But there’s something weird going on when Paul, the small-government
constitutionalist, is considered the extremist in the Republican Party
while Huckabee, the statist, is the lovable underdog. It’s even weirder
because it’s probably true: Huckabee
is much closer to the mainstream. And that’s what scares me about Huckabee and the mainstream alike.

You can read the rest of the article to find out why, but what it really comes down to, between the lines, is that Huckabee is the right-wing version of Hillary Clinton, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that. They both want to "save the world" according to their collectivist religious ideals. What? You think the difference between Huckabee and Hillary is that one is devoutly religious and the other not? Ha!

Of course, all the candidates, save Paul, want to run your life, run the country, and run the world. And that’s only because they look out and see a county of 50% leftist ignoramuses who think a president should run their lives, run the country, and run the world, and 50% rightist ignoramuses who think a president should run their lives, run the country, and run the world. This is why I never spend any time talking about their various policy proposals — because of the common theme: I just don’t want to be a fucking ignoramus. There is simply nothing in the world more silly, more child like, more seriously stupid and fucked up than trying to find important distinctions between, say, outlawing smoking, nationwide, and mandating your-neighbor-pays-your-medical-bills "national healthcare." Certainly, one is more financially devastating than the other, but I really don’t care. Really.

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