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Haven't posted on this topic in a while, so I'll be you thought I gave it up, eh? Not so, though I still eat far too much crap, and as this interesting case study demonstrates, it's definitely a combination.

Go take a look at this stunning example. He also links to a short writeup by the trainer, in Word format. I don't know about you, but when I see a couple of people take control and attain that kind of success, I'm just really happy for them. Apparently, the before photos are taken two months after they had begun weight training. The after photos were taken three months later, after simply switching to a "Paleo" diet, i.e., meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables with no caloric limit set. Another way to look at it is: no grain-based products like bread and pasta, no junk food like chips and candy, and if you're going to eat fruit, eat actual fruit and not juice, which is too sugar concentrated.

I'm still on track with the intense workouts twice per week and estimate that I've added about 20 lbs. of lean mass since I began last May. Still walking a bit over three miles five days per week, and I try to mix in some high-intensity sprinting from time-to-time. (Here's a hint from DeVany that works: if you're in your 40s like me and find you've lost the coordination to run at high speed — where you don't feel like you're going to trip and face plant any second — find a gentle hill and run down slope. It's far easier, and your muscles gradually rebuild the network of "muslce-memory" neurons (or whatever they're called) for smooth and coordinated sprint running.) Visceral and sub-cutaneous fat is coming off slowly in spite of still poor eating habits, which I can tell by increased definition around the arms, chest, shoulders and legs — and face. Note the remarkable changes in the face for those two subjects in the link. Art says:

So many people you see today have this same "before" appearance, puffy and misshapen, sort of swollen and with a touch of inflammation showing in the face.

Yep. Fat face. That was me. That's the dead giveaway. Well, just as with my walking over, what, four of five years now, I can't not go to the gym anymore. If you can make yourself do it — just two times per week, 30 minutes (but intense!) — for six months, chances are it will become part of you.

So now that I've got the going and doing licked, as concerns the exercise, I'm really going to have to get with it on the eating. Make no mistake: my forays into good eating for a week or two at a time — along with cutting way back or eliminating alcohol consumption — have produced good results, and I feel a lot better on a number of levels. I've saved probably the hardest part for last, but I'm just going to have to do it.

Here's a 54-yr-old who was no stranger to training, but then began following Art's eating advice. Most 20-somethings don't look that good or healthful.

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