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Ron Paul raised $3.8 million so far…today! Nothing to see here, libertarians. ‘Aint perfect. No guarantees. Prolly’ll amount to squat. Move right along.

Update: Looks like the final total for the day is coming in around $4.2 million.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Kyle Bennett on November 5, 2007 at 21:25

    I had to watch to see if it hit $4M or not. By my calculations, the total at midnight was $3,991,300, give or take a hundred bucks. There's some question of a backlog, perhaps as much as 6 hours. If so, and if they count the donations as the day they were made, not the day they were processed/confirmed, it could push it near $5 million. However, since just before midnight, the rate is falling off rapidly, so that argues against a backlog.

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