Paul’s Campaign Responds to Charen

Other than a few really annoying typos (Communications Director?), this is exactly the sort of thing I like to see. Simple, direct, straightforward, to-the-point; and completely devoid of double-talk, euphemism, innuendo, wiggle room, grandstanding, appeals to emotion, authority  (other then the Constitution), patriotism and every other insulting device used in virtually every communication out of a campaign in the last 50 years at least. Additional background, here.

You know, all one need do is read that release and compare it with position or clarification statements issued by other campaigns now and over the years and decades to understand Paul’s appeal. There is a dire thirst for honesty in the political process. Now, that is a vain hope, because honesty is anathema to democratic politics, for the simple reason that democracy keys on opinion above principle and people are easily fooled; hell, people want to be fooled. That’s why Paul, in spite of 10 terms in office, has never enjoyed any notoriety until now. Nonetheless, honesty is its own reward — always. More honesty is always better, no exceptions. That’s essentially the basis of my enthusiasm for this campaign.

Let me just say it: Paul is the only honest man to sit in national office within the lifetime of anyone living today. I don’t give a fuck what you think, and don’t give me shit bags like fucking Regan. Fuck Regan! He talked a good line — before he was governor of California. Christ. What a waste; to think he was going to do anything but double or triple the size of the federal government, whatever the dammed number is. Fuck Regan. May he rot in peace.

Richard Nikoley

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