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And I can’t think of anyone better than the always professional Balko to show what a stupid ass Mona Charen is. I still have Do-Gooders in my stack somewhere waiting to be read, and I think I might just toss it out.

It’s too bad — but good, really — that establishment republicans are now exposing themselves as the liars I must conclude they’ve always been. Such a widespread and appalling smear campaign directed at Paul is really proof positive that they never meant any of it. It was all just a "political stance," to them. And make no mistake: they know very well that they are attempting to impugn the character of a decent, kind, honest man who happens to be the most consistent politician in upholding supposed conservative values and principles in at least a hundred years, if not all time. What miserable fuckers.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Richard Nikoley on November 18, 2007 at 06:05

    I tend to agree, Kyle. I've tried to make a distinction between my support for Paul and both some deluded "projection" that he'll win or that this is finally going to materially change anything.

    The most I can really allow is that this might be the start of something. a reaffirmation that the original ideals of America still thrive, and that someday they're going to establish dominance.

    Perhaps the best part of all this is the demographic of Paul's most enthusiastic supporters: young people. They just may have been taken for granted by the Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum left/right juggernaut for too long, much as the left takes blacks for granted.

    In that sense, it makes sense that Paul's supporters are young. They're still at the point in their human development where it's not so easy to blithely accept lying to themselves and being lied to. The [what I consider] very healthy disgust and cynicism toward politics as usual is quite inspiring.

    Interesting ponderable: I wonder if the generation that's growing up on decentralized information via the Internet is going to be less prone, en masse, to be fooled into accepting the standard leftist fare that young generations have been swallowing hook, line, & sinker since the 60s. Individuals and groups are certain to still fall for bullshit, for sure, but I'm talking about the sheer momentum of raising little commies for the last 50 years, at least.

  2. Kyle Bennett on November 18, 2007 at 05:16

    It'd be easy to mistake these kind of attacks as a sign of fear in the GOP about how Paul's might hurt one candidate or the other, or the GOP's chances in 2008. But I don't think they have any serious worries on that account, nor do I think any would be justified.

    The RPR has no chance, in part because I do believe the elections are rigged (not likely anything as crass as any widespread overt shenanigans in the vote conting, but in more subtle ways), but in bigger part because, even if by some miracle he should win, he won't have the power to do much.

    That said, what I think the neocons, or the GOP in general, fear is the one positive benefit that could come from the attention he's getting. That would be that the issues he supports start getting seriously discussed. Any real discussion of these issues in a substantive way is far more subversive than even his winning could be.

    In that light, Charen's column is exactly what would be expected: cast the candidate as unserious, even a bit unbalanced, in hopes that people will associate the ideas with the person and refuse to consider them. And that's far from a sucker bet these days.

    I'm rooting for the RPR, and I'd even be willing to trade the war (which I still believe in) for the rest of what he has to offer. But it's too little too late. And when the rejection of him as a candidate becomes the rejection of what he stands for (when, not if), it will mark the passing of the phase in American history when those ideas have any currency – if that time has not already passed. We'll be in the endgame – which may and probably will last decades, but the general shape of the outcome will not be in doubt.

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