“…to experience freedom in our time.”

Listen for that, and consider the implications — especially for those under perhaps about 35 years of age. Could it be that, here in America, there exists young people who’ve grown up and do not know what freedom is? And the only reason they would not know, is that they’ve never really felt it in a classic, American sense?

So, just ask yourself: how long did you expect they could be lied to? How long do you suppose they would go, hearing always about the "Land of the Free," yet never once truly feeling it in all of their lives? I know I haven’t felt it — not once — in over two decades. The last time I felt free in America was 1984. I was out of the country almost continuously until 1992, so I don’t have a good idea of the exact moment a feeling like that would have slipped away for a guy like me. Anyway, take a look.

Richard Nikoley

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