Understanding Ron Paul

While Justin Raimondo does a decent job of showing that neither John Derbyshire nor Jonah Goldberg understand Ron Paul, he doesn't quite nail it all the way, I think. But first, this captures the essence of the smear campaign against Paul, when Goldberg says, "The left is perfectly happy to blur the lines between a mainstream conservative and a Klansmen," and Raimondo responds: One can just substitute the word “neocon” for “liberal,” in the above, and come up with the reason why Paul should ignore the Smear Brigade and soldier on: because we all know the neocons are “perfectly happy” to “blur the lines” between a paleocon-libertarian and a Klansman. Yes, the point I made yesterday. It's for very good reasons that Raimondo and others, including myself, think that Paul ought to keep ignoring this whole thing and simply refuse to comment on it at all, or do anything else "politicians are supposed to do." And there's the real crux of it, the part Raimondo danced around a bit, but didn't quite nail. This would be the point of agreement between Goldberg and Derbyshire. Did you catch it? Derbyshire says, "All I took away from that American Thinker piece was...

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