Undoubtedly True, But…

Warren Meyer is correct.

But I can tell you that the motivation behind small enterprises banding together to form associations and seeking regulatory legislation is very often to afford them some ability to operate free of arbitrary regulation and enforcement.

You see, we’ve reached a point in this country where anything not explicitly permitted under law and subject to regulatory oversight is seen as suspect, possibly or probably illegal, or shady. And regulators take advantage of that. Everything new that comes along eventually gets attacked, and in the absence of specifically contemplated statutes, new and creative enterprises get square pegged into whatever regulatory scheme can be kinda made to fit. If you operate nationally, multiply that by 50.

Trust me: if you have to do business, it’s simply cheaper and ultimately easier to do so under even an onerous and oppressive regulatory mess than to operate out in the clear. Because if you happen to be successful, the regulators will come calling and you won’t be able to point to specific authority to operate. And that equals hundreds of thousands in attorney fees.

I speak from much personal experience, but now is not a good time to go into detail.

Richard Nikoley

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