First off, I really don’t care about Jeffs, and I personally loath that whole racket they’ve got going. But 10 years to life for "forcing a 14-yr-old to marry her 19-yr-old first cousin?" How does one "force" people to marry, presuming that means we’re talking about something more than a 10-minute ceremony where two people are tied to adjoining telephone polls. And when it comes to conjugation, one’s imagination runs pretty wild imagining how Jeffs is the culpable one. But what do I know?

I’ve a simple question though: where was her dad, or mom, or grandfather, or grandmother; a responsible older sibling; an aunt, uncle, or a guardian?

I guess it’s easier to just run to the state to solve all our problems. As one "dissident" (oh, they’re "dissidents?") is quoted as saying:

Thousands of children can sleep safer tonight with Jeffs
in jail

"Thousands." "Thousands!" She added:

It is a positive first step, although much more needs to
be done … to protect women and children who want out of the

Uh, maybe I’m missing something, but it sounds to me like if ya’ can’t already leave, then the state — hell, the feds — already got ’em on kidnapping.

Jesus. Gotta go; before my head explodes.

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