“Smart” Money “Logic”

Now hear this. The income tax is a blessing.

The more money you make, the more income tax you are required to pay.
A blessing?  Yes, in a round-about way. If you had to pay more income
tax last year, it means you also earned more in spendable income.

All together, now, kids: parable of the broken window (broken window fallacy). Ce qu’on voit et ce qu’on ne voit pas. Setting aside the moral principle that all taxation is always theft (though legitimized through law, like slavery used to be), she is taking account of ce qu’elle viot, but not of ce qu’elle ne voit pas. She’s looking only at the increase in funds not stolen, not the increase in funds stolen, or what you or any individual might have been able to do with them. The dollars you earn ultimately represent your time, either time you spend at labor, thinking, producing, or future time at leisure. This is gone from you for good, and it’s being spent or squandered by some other individual or several individuals other than you. Take account of that. Your tax money is not being spent by "the government" or "society." It is being spent by one or more individuals, and they are spending your money on their values instead of yours.

Far from being a blessing; it’s a curse.

Richard Nikoley

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