Tea Party Money Bomb Update

As of now, about 2pm EST, donations are running at a rate that would bring in an excess of $6-7 million, today. I have two windows up, side-by-side, with today’s graphs (which will be current day and not 12/16 after today) on one, alongside Nov 5th’s graphs on another. Most of the comparisons should be visually straightforward. Currently, donations are running about $800,000 ahead of same time 11/5, and it’s still widening.

Interestingly, once the donation slope was stable, by about 12pm on 11/5, the slope remained remarkably consistent. Today’s slope (so far) has established itself over the same period but is much steeper, as is plain to see.

The most interesting chart to me is the "Donation Rate, in $1000 per hour." On 11/5 it established a rate of 200 $1,000/hr donations (consolidated from however many individual donations it takes, of course) and danced back & forth around that level for the remainder of the day. Accounting for the dip in the early hours, it comes out to about 175 X $1,000 X 24 = $4.2 million, which is just about what was raised. For today, it seems to be stabilizing at around 300, so if we knock that down to account for the wee-hours dip, we’re looking at 275 X $1,000 X 24 = $6.6 million. I’d say that right now 7-8 million for the day is a really good possibility. This assumes that the 300-level holds throughout the day. What you’re looking for is flat to up.

This, and the 11/5 event both, done single-handedly by a guy with no affiliation to the campaign, who had never voted in his life. You’re welcome to tell me all of this doesn’t amount to much, but I think you’d not be thinking very hard.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Kyle Bennett on December 16, 2007 at 13:01

    A graph directly comparing 11/5 with today is here

    It looks like they're about six hours ahead of the 5th, and increasing.

  2. Richard Nikoley on December 16, 2007 at 14:37

    Yea, that's the page I keep up in Safari on my iPhone when I'm out & about, today.

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