The New York Times Doesn’t Matter

The most interesting thing about this smear piece on Ron Paul isn't the sophomoric piece itself, by one Virginia Heffernan. It's that none of the hundreds of comments submitted have been published (or, those that have have been removed). No comments. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with online news pieces about Paul is aware of the hundreds upon hundreds of mostly cogent comments they usher forth. If The New York Times doesn't want to…Read More

The Political Battleground

First things first: Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, is a worthless fuck who doesn't matter. Nonetheless, he does a pretty good -- though inadvertent -- job of framing the political battleground in the YouTube below. Here's Kristol's bet, in a nutshell: that you, dear reader, dear citizen, are too stupid to allow yourselves or anyone else the latitude to question or critically reflect on packages of "truth" handed down from decades past --…Read More

America the Beautiful

Hey; let's all sing along, folks. After that link, you know you want to. So c'mon! I'll start; ...O we go, everyone... O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! O beautiful for pilgrim feet Whose stern impassion'd stress A thoroughfare for freedom beat Across…Read More

Surprising, But Wholly Appropriate

The American Conservative cover. Excellent. By strange coincidence, I followed a lot of what this supreme mutherfucker was up to as a U.S. Attorney. You can look into it, and you can disagree, but this is the most dangerous candidate in the race. It's not close. (Via Rockwell)Read More

Morning Joe and Ron Paul

Yea, I've been neglecting the blog lately. Wait until next week when I'm at the cabin for the duration. I. Can. Not. Wait. Nonetheless, I must. By the way, does anyone else think that Cast Away with Tom Hanks is just a terrific film? I caught about the last 2/3 of it last night, just milling about the remote (I've seen the whole thing before). There are subtle things I like about it, which mostly…Read More

I Am Impressed

Of the number of articles I've read on Ron Paul's allure, this is by far (to me) the one that does the best job of it (Yea: I can nit & pick with the best of 'em). I'd call it rather pure and honest journalism. It's sad in only one respect: It's from Mother Jones. Good for them; shame on many, many others. It's rather long, two pages, and worth every minute. Don't miss the…Read More

California DMV Thieves

My vehicle happens to be registered to my company, which gets a lot of mail. And so, somehow the registration renewal got misplaced, and hence, didn't get paid and renewed by the Oct 16 deadline. Alright; so I'm going to get smacked with a late fee. Fine. OK, this isn't about the general illegitimacy of the state, but let's just figure you'd pay something equivalent to an annual vehicle registration in some form or another…Read More

He Said “Upgrading.” He Means Upgrading

Via Billy, this is just a roar and a half. It starts off quick. I have finally decided to take the plunge. Last night I upgraded my Vista desktop machine to Windows XP, and this afternoon I will be doing the same to my laptop. Good for him. I respect and admire Bill Gates; and what his productive efforts have done for the world should never be taken away or diminished -- but goddammit! People…Read More

Tea Party Money Bomb Update

As of now, about 2pm EST, donations are running at a rate that would bring in an excess of $6-7 million, today. I have two windows up, side-by-side, with today's graphs (which will be current day and not 12/16 after today) on one, alongside Nov 5th's graphs on another. Most of the comparisons should be visually straightforward. Currently, donations are running about $800,000 ahead of same time 11/5, and it's still widening. Interestingly, once the…Read More

The Boston Tea Party

It begins tonight. Standing now at a bit over $11.5 million for the quarter, you can follow along to see how that thermometer climbs throughout the day of December 16th. I still think $10 million is possible. I'll be taking a part, as I did on November 5th. That said, believe it or not, I can't really dispute Billy's admonition that Ron Paul get out of government and find honest work. On the other hand,…Read More

Hell on Earth

Here's another one for Billy's oft referred to description of hell: the impossibility of reason. Note that it's the concept of "impossibility" that's operative. When something so elemental to the essential essence of humanity becomes impossible, well, he said it: that's truly a description of hell. An elementary student in Marion County was arrested Thursday after school officials found her cutting food during lunch with a knife that she brought from home, police said. The…Read More

Ron Paul Blimp

They did it. In the space of about a month, a bunch of folks completely independent of Ron Paul's campaign raised the quarter million dollars start-up capital required to literally get "The Ron Paul Blimp" off the ground. You know, there's very good reasons why there's no similarly organized "National Health Care Blimp," "Save Social Security Blimp," "For Our Children's Future Blimp," or any other such Robin Hood spectacle. Can you extrapolate the premises of…Read More

Spinach & Jesus

Alright, then. Over at the gym, after the workout, and every teevee is tuned into the newest steroid scare. Wall to wall. I call it that -- "scare" -- because, for one, I don't care about it -- so you're welcome to count that in your assessment of my assessment. For another, it smells so much to me like any other pedestrian "crisis" that's simply going through the routine they need to go through until…Read More