Getting Away With Murder

One thing that may have become clear during those conflicts was that, if criminal prosecution was controlled by the crown, the King's friends could get away with murder. - David D. Friedman, Law's Order, chapter 17 It certainly seems intuitively clear, yet, "we the people" seem nevertheless to persist in the illusion that "officials" and "authorities" are somehow endowed with a special sense and practice of honesty, integrity, and objectivity that we ourselves don't even…Read More

Pope Calls Kettle Black

It's sumthin' when the world's storyteller-in-chief has to come out against the telling of stories he apparently finds even more far fetched than the ones he tells. Pope Benedict XVI has launched a surprise attack on climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology. The leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics suggested that fears over man-made emissions…Read More

Al Roker Goes Flying

A nice video for promoting the sport of hang gliding. Al Roker flies tandem with Malcom Jones at the Wallaby Ranch in Orlando, FL. I flew tandem with Malcom a few times back a few years ago in order to get signed off on aerotow. We don't do a lot of that out here in the west, but it's sure a nice and easy way to get into the air. And Malcom's claim of 30,000…Read More

Historical Perspectives

An admission: I'm always suspicious or skeptical of historical perspectives that purport wise guidance for current events. Selection bias: the one assembling the history lesson gets to pick and choose which historical events and which pertinent contexts to include; and strange as it may seem, they seem to always add up to some semblance of what the admonisher seeks to admonish. Convenient. Nonetheless, this is an interesting piece by Jonah Goldberg that deserves some attention.…Read More

Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies

I can't help it. Ol' Ron has turned into more than I could have hoped for in this race. My take: it's far less important that he wins, as it is that he continually force the others into telling the obvious lies that they obviously don't believe, but which they calculate their fans are eager to hear, which they are. His presence then serves to expose lies. People, in general, have a propensity to lie…Read More


Think what you will about my characterization -- I don't care -- but it's Romney, in his speech, who blurred distinctions. I myself think there's about nothing funnier than a believer in the mainstream Christian fairy tales poking fun at Mormons for their "ridiculous" beliefs. So I'm just grouping them -- as Romney would have us do -- into one, and I'm calling it: Moronism. Here's a piece that gets Romney's speech right. Steve Chapman…Read More


Radley says to go "have and Ayn Rand moment." I get what he means, but you either like those, or you don't; and frankly, I have never considered architecture to exist in the sort of "art space" that Rand seemed to -- even though I think that some architecture is "artsy" to the point of dysfunction. I just think it's a lot more subjective and reflective of changing (harmless) attitudes about "style" (like clothing, to…Read More

From Sea to Shining Sea…

...America locks up more people than anyplace else on earth (by far); more per 100,000 than Libya, Iran, and China...COMBINED. Actually, at about 750 locked up per 100,000, we're at 35% more than those three countries combined, which adds up to about 550 in total. Just another day in the "land of the free." (link: balko)Read More

“Ron Paul Has Huge Cajones

Heh; that's from Rolling Stone. People still don't get it, though. Paul really isn't trying to be controversial. He just speaks his mind, unscripted, and he does it every time. It's called honesty. This, of course, contrasts to the lying baptist preacher Huckabee. Then again, I've hardly know a baptist preacher -- and I've known many -- who wasn't a chief among liars. Of course, that can only be because lots of people are OK…Read More

By the Numbers

If you read Art De Vany as I do, you know he rejects most everything most everyone thinks they know with respect to eating and exercise. He's not a kook, either. Here's the 70-year-old putting his numbers up against 28-year-old athletes. In that spirit, I wanted to compare my body mass, strength, lipid and hormone profile to the 28 year old experienced weight trainers studied in the NJM article I discussed earlier this week. I…Read More

“Better SAFE Than Sorry”

The only question remaining is who'll be the first few unlucky at the draw, having their financial lives ruined in order to "send a message" and chill WiFi and network providers nationwide. I'll tell you what I'd love to see: every commercial or public WiFi hotspot, website, and email service provider in the nation go dark the moment Bush signs this latest piece of feel-good crap "for the children." Then watch the idiots on the…Read More


It's not an invalid concept. Depends upon context, and it has rarely -- though heroically when it has been -- been used properly. So, in that vein, this goes out to a very few who will grasp exactly what I'm talking about pretty shortly. It's that way: you already know where I'm going, or you might as well stop reading. The state, like religion, is pernicious in its superiority. That italicized concept is key; for,…Read More

The Consensus is That There’s a Consensus

Via Art De Vany, this WSJ Opinion Journal piece by Holman Jenkins Jr. The title, above, contemplates what can be taken to summarize the whole article: What if the heads being counted to certify an alleged "consensus" arrived at their positions by counting heads? You should let that sink in, because, for better or worse, it's how the world operates; it's bad enough it does so in political philosophy and economics, but all the worse…Read More


It is just so much fun watching the republicans stupid party implode right in on itself. Only a complete fool sees any essential difference between the scoundrels who run either of those reprobate organizations, D or R. If the republican party were to get what's coming to it, there would be no republican party. If it comes to it, I'll gleefully piss on its grave. I find something very, very intriguing about this whole process…Read More

“Land of the Free” Updates

Don't take too long to get your papers driver's license and proof of insurance out. And don't think driving your elderly mother or father to Thanksgiving dinner will get you any slack, either. Oh, and don't drive 70 in a 65. Probably best not to drive while black. Here's one of Austin, Texas' finest, Austin Police Department, employing a Taser. He just looks like another pig, to me. More -- lot's more -- pigs and…Read More

Round Two

Yesterday's frittata was so good that I made another this morning. This is a bigger one. Six jumbo eggs. I also "skinned it" by heating up the pan on high prior to adding the eggs and placing it in the oven. This creates a "crust," of sorts, so that the cold leftovers are nearly indistinguishable from pizza. Try it. There's a small amount of finely chopped, fresh onion added to the egg mixture. On top…Read More