This was the headline on the top of the Yahoo homepage as I just fired up the MacBook on returning home from the office: Obama, Clinton strike genial debate tone At once I heard a collective sigh of relief across the land, implying that those we call "voters" are likely going to buy into a "power sharing arrangement." What, you think this isn't what their internals tell them? Whether it's eventually Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton, you…Read More

Windows If You Must

Today I decided to try Parallels on the Mac. So, now I have two ways to run XP, if I must. Parallels running XP as a virtual machine locally on my MacBook Pro (where it runs windows apps faster than most PCs) on the left, and Remote Desktop for the Mac, logged in and running my office PC remotely. My main reason for doing it is to free myself from my last PC at home.…Read More

No Bullshit

One of the things I'll be doing over the next few days is linking to some of the other EvFit (evolutionary fitness) blogs I've been browsing now and then. First up is Robb Wolf, and not only do I like his demonstrated knowledge and approach, but he's a no bullshit guy (i.e., honest) and there are far too few of those in the world. Biological- When folks mention they are yo-yo dieting they are NOT…Read More

I’ll Take My Chances

Any day. Without a moment's hesitation. Fundamentally, it's a choice between taking your chances with honest thieves, vs. attempting to strike a deal with dishonest ones; and if you can't grasp the distinction between honest and dishonest thieves, then that's at least half your problem in the frustrations you believe you observe in politics. The virtue in honest thieves is that they can't get any help from other thieves, or anyone else. Dishonest thieves, by…Read More

Blogging Fitness

Here's something that might interest readers, most of whom come here for varied reasons. I began this blogging thing over four years and 1,600 posts ago as mostly a political, libertarian philosophy endeavor. Whether I'm just not that compelling, too enraged or outrageous, or simply because there's no way in the world I can write politically to swoon the mainstream of fucking idiots (see?), this blog has never been very popular. I'd say that over…Read More


I just came from the gym and if you're following along, I just reported how I was tossing 2 pounds per workout, twice per week. All my workouts except one since the new year have been fasting workouts, i.e., at the tail end of a 30-hr fast. It took a couple of fasts to get going, but then the last four times have been -2 each time save last Friday where it was -1.5, so…Read More

180 Degree Errors

Have you ever stopped to consider that it's often easier to be completely wrong than just a little wrong? Consider this; when you're trying to get somewhere in the car, is it more likely that you miss your destination by a few hundred yards, or that you "turned right instead of left," or found yourself "going in the opposite direction?" Now, how does that apply to science? The more common way to describe a 180…Read More

Thanks For My Birthday

Well, 47 years ago today my dear mother was enduring the really hard and final part of a nine-month physical nightmare. Why any woman puts up with it is beyond me. And, of course, that's really only the beginning. What follows is 18 years of a job. Jobs can be rewarding, I suppose, but it's still a job. But it occurs to me that when you get to be this age what one ought to…Read More

Fasting, Diet, Carbohydrates, Cause & Effect

The principle hypothesis, generally accepted, is that obesity is caused by eating more calories than are expended, the excess being stored as fat. Reduce intake, increase output, or both, and fat comes off. It's a tidy equation. Overeating causes obesity. Suppose you come up with a competing hypothesis that says that over or under eating, and/or low or high energy output are caused by the accumulation of fat, i.e., a hypothesis that at first glance…Read More

The Great Spectacle

Billy, working from Tokyo just now, takes a moment to comment on the latest in that greatest of American endeavors: the race to be president. Yep, boy, when it comes to America the Beautiful, American know-how, and everything that was ever supposed to be terrific about America, isn't it all just encapsulated in that every-four-year spectacle? Everything we are, we owe to voting, elections, and American presidents. Or so you'd think. Me? Well, I ran…Read More

Cabin Notes

Longtime readers know I talk about our Cabin in Arnold, CA quite a bit. Well, I've just added three albums to my .Mac Gallery that may explain: Purchase, Fire, and Enjoy. My wife actually saved the money to make the down payment on this place, and it was back in the summer of 2001 when she began looking, making innumerable trips up here, which is about a 3-hr drive. I probably came up a half-dozen…Read More

Better Late’n Never

I took a video of my master chef baby-brother Mike popping the turkey into the deep fryer for Christmas dinner a few weeks ago. I put it off, because I knew it just wouldn't be any fun to go to the trouble, having done a few videos before. Then this weekend happened. First experience with iMovie. It's just such a pleasure to work with. It makes you look good, but it isn't really true. Chef…Read More

Look: Filler

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Well, you better make sure you have it if you ever intend to use a gun against an intruder breaking into your house at night. Officer Jarrod Shivers was shot and killed while executing a search warrant in Cheseapeake, Virginia Thursday night. The suspect had no criminal record (at least in the state of Virginia). And he says in an interview from jail he had no idea the undercover cops breaking into his home were…Read More

“Let’s Move On”

Looks like that's the response Justin Raimondo is getting to the his previous post I blogged yesterday. This is why the Reasonoids didn’t bother examining and analyzing what was written, and certainly not in context: as Sanchez himself admits, Kirchick did “stretch” the truth. But the only truth Kirchick and his pals at Reason and Cato were and are interested in is who wrote the material in question, not if (and why) it was “racist.”…Read More


I haven't done a market post in a while, and that's mostly because though I'm watching just about every day, I'm not longer actively trading. Now, I'm simply looking for buying opportunities to cost average capital into the markets. Of course, the current problem is that picking a bottom is really impossible, which is a good reason to cost-average in chunks of capital each time you care to guess that the bottom has arrived. A…Read More

Another One Bites the Dust

And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust Hey, Im gonna get you too Another one bites the dust Of course, that's not how Kyle sees it; nor should he. But Gates & Co. sure ought to be taking a look. Make no mistake: it's one thing for new and/or novice computer users to opt for a Mac, but when longtime power users like myself and Kyle begin dropping from…Read More