Bitch Charm

As the YouTube description says:

Our 3-yr-old Rat Terrier Nanuka ("Nuke") tuns on the charm as her preferred method of getting a toy from another dog — in this case a
chewed up tennis ball from her main puppyhood playmate Cumie, a
Daschund mix. May not be work safe {g}. She eventually succeeds, and at
the end is a shot of Rotor, our 9-yr-old male who has the sense to stay
out of this kind of stuff.

There’s also the hi-res wide screen version version on my .Mac web gallery.

This is taken with my Sanyo C40, which I just love for video and still. I’ve got a rather high end (well, it was) digital camera with 10x optical zoom and it sits at home. I probably ought to throw it on Craig’s List or eBay. Same with my Sony digital camcorder. All rendered obsolete by this cool device.

That was my first shot at iMovie, and of course there’s nothing fancy in this project; only the quick and easy joining together of separate clips, as well as snipping out little bits here and there. Under five minutes, I was done. One click publishing to YouTube, right from the application. For the .Mac gallery, I had to choose which of four sizes I wanted (tiny, small, medium, large), then it dos everything else. I like having the .Mac gallery (photos, too, but I haven’t assembled all my albums yet) because as we know, YouTube can delete your account any time. It’s not a proper archive for your work and memories.

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