Break Out The Shoeboxes

A package showed up around Christmas time from the parents-in-law. Included was a CD that Sam (father-in-law) recorded with two of his six bothers (he has five sisters too) back in around 1972. Trio Hermaos Fabela. There were two songs: Surfro Tu Ausencia and Mananitas a Mi Madre. Once I got a listen, I determined that something more needed to be done — and we were headed down to the in-laws this weekend.

"Break out the shoeboxes." In all, they got 43 photos of the brothers in various settings going back to the 50s and beyond, singing. It’s what they did when they got together every Sunday afternoon.

I used the Sanyo C40 to snap photos of the photos, then cropped and did a little editing, tossed ’em all into iMovie, and was done in a jiffy. It was so easy I’m floored — and tickled a bit pink.

So go watch. The versions on my .Mac Gallery are full resolusion, but if you don’t have Quicktime already plugged in that can be a pain if you’re on a Windows machine (I just spent a while getting it going in a Vista PC — shit!). Go here for the first song (the best) and here for the second. If you must, the Utube equivalents are here and here, but of far lower quality.

I spread some joy today ad I’m happy with myself.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. John Sabotta on February 4, 2008 at 14:35

    Great music!

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