Fasting and Blood Glucose

Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat, raised an interesting issue having to do with blood glucose during a fast. Coincidentally, I read that while near the end of a fast, having just come from the gym and a heavy workout. I tested myself at 114 gm/dL, which is higher that I was testing before at any old time during the day (100-105, usually). Hmm... 28 hours into a fast, and after a series of…Read More

Nails & Heads; Hooks, Lines & Sinkers

Previous entries surrounding the Ron Paul Newsletter topic here and here. The first thing I read this morning was Raimondo's piece, here, which is to date not only the best argued thing on the issue, but finally, finally includes the complete honest context of some of the quotes from the newsletters in question. If you care about honesty, you should be shocked; and you ought to condemn Kirchick, TNR, Reason, and Cato. The former two,…Read More

Truth and Honesty

Billy invokes the truth. But, I don't get it, Billy. Clearly, Cato and Lew Rockwell aren't comrades-in-arms. But I don't know what "our movement" means. I have my ideas. I post them here. I support, agree with, and disagree with a variety of people, some of them the same people on different things. I suppose I'm part of the libertarian "movement," but calling it "our" is insolent and presumptuous. Calling it a "movement" without qualification…Read More

The Guilty Animal

Hasn't it always been, in one form or another? When you think about it, Ayn Rand's Original Sin, among her many from the perspective of all political sides, is her chief ideal characterization of man as the rational animal. That has implications. You see, if man has the capacity of rational action by nature, voluntarily, then his ability to mold material reality to serve his needs and desires is virtuous at his highest levels of…Read More

Break Out The Shoeboxes

A package showed up around Christmas time from the parents-in-law. Included was a CD that Sam (father-in-law) recorded with two of his six bothers (he has five sisters too) back in around 1972. Trio Hermaos Fabela. There were two songs: Surfro Tu Ausencia and Mananitas a Mi Madre. Once I got a listen, I determined that something more needed to be done -- and we were headed down to the in-laws this weekend. "Break out…Read More

Bitch Charm

As the YouTube description says: Our 3-yr-old Rat Terrier Nanuka ("Nuke") tuns on the charm as her preferred method of getting a toy from another dog -- in this case a chewed up tennis ball from her main puppyhood playmate Cumie, a Daschund mix. May not be work safe {g}. She eventually succeeds, and at the end is a shot of Rotor, our 9-yr-old male who has the sense to stay out of this kind…Read More

Prescient California

Billy: You'll recall the other night on that phone call where I told you how I often tell my wife to pay attention when she walks the corridors of the school district, so's she can remember that it either hasn't changed, or only gotten bigger, the next "budget crisis" to come along and there's fewer teachers and larger classes. I know what you think of public schooling, but it's the same thing all over California.…Read More


No, not the bomb; where I am: Vista, CA, just east of Oceanside a few clicks. Just for the weekend. Drive time from San Jose, down I-5 and straight through LA: 6 hrs, 15 min. Stopped at Harris Ranch for an early dinner, which is always a nice place to stop.Read More

Banned Again

In the continuing saga of "neolibertarian" political prisoner Steven Rhett, it looks like my unbanning at Q and O was short lived (see Franks' comments, there), and curiously, I only made one or two comments since reinstatement, neither of which were volatile in the slightest. And in fact, I backed off one of my strongest pronouncements -- copped to it, because I no longer thought it reflected my actual considered view of the thing. Honesty,…Read More


A public, solemn nod and salute to Billy Beck. I wasn't disappointed for a moment that he wasn't actively engaged. I knew he was watching; every godammed detail. And then. Follow Billy's links, or mine. They ban me, and they get a half dozen in my place, all at least as capable, and some more so. Go see. And hats off to those who jumped in on my own say-so. You guys are terrific and…Read More

Hey Bay Area

You can relax, now. The San Mateo SWAT team has raided a house, machine guns drawn and pointed, and prevented peaceful people their natural right to peaceful assembly and mutual association. Another very fine day in the "Land of the Free." You go, "America the Beautiful." There's a lot more "God's Shedding Grace" where that came from. Be proud.Read More

Dale Franks and Bruce McQuain: Liars and Cowards

[Update below] Dale Franks, of QandO Blog, and his partner in crime, Bruce McQuain, have predictably banned me from posting comments on their site. Sure, I could easily get around it, but in fact I do respect their property rights -- though they don't deserve it; and after Franks' locking up a peaceful innocent man for 10 years, then bragging about it, then both of them defending it...they both would deserve anything that came to…Read More


If you don't know what I mean by the reference, that's fine; it's esoteric. Watch this anyway. I think it makes a good deal of sense -- and if for nothing else, in its pointing out indisputable absurdities.Read More

Medicine Men and Witch Doctors

Read all about 'em. According to Radley Balko, they're the top 100 quotes from Fundamentalist Christian chat rooms. I figured to add that, because I had second thoughts about so insulting the intelligence of medicine men and witch doctors. Oh, be sure not to miss the condolences to the mom whose son committed suicide because he was homosexual in a Fundamentalist Christian household, and get the picture. Why do I post things like this?…Read More

Safety, Reasonable Doubt, and Anarchy

Consider this, in the context of the oft quoted Ben Franklin, that, and paraphrasing: "those who would would trade freedom for safety deserve neither." Let's suppose it's true that the purpose of the legal standard of "reasonable doubt" in criminal matters is to protect the innocent. In other words, even if you think he's probably guilty, if you have doubt/s that are reasonable, i.e., plausible, logical, then you acquit. Period. In this way, it's far…Read More

He’s Back

Mike Huckabee promises to fight global warming so the earth can live another 6000 years. Laf, right fucking out loud. Glad I finished my red wine from dinner minutes ago. It could have been a disaster. Anyway, that's Kyle Bennett,'s most cherished commenter, back blogging. Perhaps this was the motivation to kick it off, again. It's amazing, insightful, historic and Godfatherly all in one. Don't miss it. For my part, I've always appreciated what…Read More

Libertarianism 101

I really had only a raw sense of my view of the Ron Paul vs. Some Libertarians (note: I am never referring to the LP, unless I write 'LP' or 'Party') over racists and other bigoted remarks in newsletters published under his name when I wrote this. Karen De Coster does a far more thorough job of it, touches on other idiosyncrasies concerning the libertarian movement, and hashes out some good background. This is an…Read More


I think what follows qualifies for the term. I don't follow QandO Blog on a daily basis. I check in every so often. Last night I did just that, and came across this entry documenting the federal jury service of Dale Franks, one of the principal self-described libertarian writers of that blog. "Free Markets, Free People;" so they say. Well, let's see about that. In short, "Mr. Rhett" got stopped at the San Ysidro border…Read More

Electoral Compass

As usual with these sorts of things, from a true libertarian perspective there's a few "when did you stop beating your wife" questions, i.e., begging the question in asking a question. Like: 'should the money go into the schools, or vouchers?' How about stop being a bunch of fucking thieves? Ah, but I always ask for too much. But there you have it. I just answered "no opinion" on those impossible ones and still came…Read More