This was the headline on the top of the Yahoo homepage as I just fired up the MacBook on returning home from the office:

Obama, Clinton strike genial debate tone

At once I heard a collective sigh of relief across the land, implying that those we call "voters" are likely going to buy into a "power sharing arrangement." What, you think this isn’t what their internals tell them? Whether it’s eventually Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton, you can bet your ass that the "voters" will eat it up — which is of course the whole point. We love it when despots agree to divvy up the spoils of implicit violence upon the productive. Then we can pretend that violence has been averted. We lie to ourselves every day of our lives, so this is but normal behavior. Honesty in all things, at all times, is a commitment.

I haven’t read the underlying article. Why bother? This is all about who gets the reins, who gets to wield and who gets the whip, and who gets the "voter’s" values shoved down their throats while paying the tab. It’s about who goes into the cannibal pot, and who gets to feast.

That’s about as honest as you can be about the whole nightmare.

Richard Nikoley

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