That’ll Teach ‘Em!

Appears someone has inevitably bowed to awesome U.S. Power to wage economic sanctions, trade embargoes, and travel restrictions. Only took 50 years. Listen: I get not doing business with scoundrels, but since I'm delving into practical geopolitical realities, look at this: We're dealing with a puny island nation that couldn't get off it's ass to produce much of anything anyway (though the cigars are fab), so what we essentially accomplished was not to cut them…Read More

King Day

There are few things so loathsome to me as the idea of this "holiday." Here's a perspective adjustment. What was it, about 230 years ago that we kicked out the King? And we've been doing our level best to bring him back ever since. Kinda reminds me of the "being born from a vagina" joke (where we men spend the rest of our lives trying to get back in one).Read More

Housing Recession?

Well, perhaps. Though it's not apparent here, in downtown San Jose, California. These are the three high-rise condos currently under construction, all about a 10-15 minute walk from where I sit. The 88 Axis San Jose 360 Residences And City Heights was recently completed and units are for sale. Don't know how well that's going, but it's clear the building is becoming occupied. As for location, The 88 is prime, being as it is right…Read More

Land of the Free Update

Whew! Close one. She would love to sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs — trust her — but a trip last year to the women's county jail, a trip she says officials orchestrated to "make an example" of her, finally pushed her to give up the bacon and illegal grilling device she used for so long. Instead, she prepares dogs the only way the county Environmental Health Department currently allows, by boiling or steaming. Not grilling. And…Read More


Yep. Exactly. McCain is loathsome because Bush is loathsome. You people drawing silly distinctions are just silly and foolish.Read More

Never Ever Cooperate With Police. Always Lawyer Up

You're an absolute fool to ever willingly cooperate with police, even in the investigation of a crime you know you had no involvement in. Even if lawyering up invites heightened suspicion, I say it's worth the risk. And make sure it's a lawyer versed in criminal prosecutions. DNA evidence frees a man who had done ten years in prison for a murder police say he committed when he was 15. They pursued him for 12…Read More

Health Links

Here's a few things I cam across over the course of the week that you might find some interest in. Ketogenic Diets and Physical Performance. This is a very interesting review by Stephen Phinney where he takes a look back at essentially forgotten studies of indigenous people who lived quite dandily on animal fat and protein, with a notable absence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, though the focus of the paper is on…Read More


No, really. "Dumpster Directory," even. Well, whatever floats their boat, I suppose, but at least it's a pretty funny read. And now I know what to call the bums around here who dig through trash and sleep in the parks. It somehow escapes their notice, apparently, that theirs is a deep irony: in order to protest the "conventional economy," as they call it, in part for being so wasteful, they subside off its waste. It's…Read More

New Toaster

Here's your reference. The other day, Apple released its new software for their Apple TV and so I went and purchased the 40 gig model. Setup was a cinch. Plug into the wall, plug into your TV, and turn it on. Then you tell it which WiFi to connect to and that's essentially it. It did need to download and install its new OS, but it did that all on its own. You can choose…Read More

“A Brilliant Insight”

Hey, Art said it, not me. Normally I wouldn't call attention to something like that, but coming from someone like Art De Vany, it means something to me. He's referring to one of my comments on this thread concerning anthropogenic global warming.Read More

Scrofacracy Update

Wherein Officer Salvatore Rivieri of the Baltimore Police Department finds himself with half a million views on YouTube. Now, of course, the only pertinent matter in all of this -- other than Rivieri's appalling behavior -- is that those kids weren't harming anyone and didn't appear as though they were posing an imminent threat of doing so. He demanded, and then commanded, respect. What he was certainly able to do was intimidate, assault, and ultimately…Read More


Back last April I blogged about my marine (salt water) aquarium which I'd just recently set up. It included a video. Well, here it is today. It's simply five minutes of stationary video. Make sure an notice the crabs crawling around, and also the Sea Hare who makes his appearance about halfway in. If you watched the video from the previous entry and compared with this one, you'll see how much pink and purple calcium…Read More

Passion vs. Excellence

There's just no way I can't pay attention to Larry Winget. Honesty is just too refreshing, and he deals it every time. His latest blog entry is just such a treat and he's dead on in my opinion. “Passion is a load of crap.” ... My point to him was that passion is little more than a starting place but true long term success is based on excellence and hard work. ... I know many…Read More

More Fasting Email

As far as the fasting goes, it was much easier after the first one or two-like you said it would be. And yes it is interesting that the 24hr is tougher. It may have something to do with the bodies metabolism during a resting period that follows a large meal, opposed to your lunch and then several hours before the resting. Intriguing. I think so. Skipping dinner isn't such a big deal and it's something…Read More

Email Question on Fasting

I get a question from a longtime reader in email. While you're fasting, water is obviously what you must be drinking, but are you allowed to drink any other liquids -- I'm thinking mainly tea or coffee (though I further imagine the latter wreaking havoc on my empty stomach)? Also, are you only having one big meal and then fasting for 30 hours? When you're not eating, clearly you're eating a lot of meat, but…Read More

Darren Mack Update

To be frank, I'd really rather not put this up. On the other hand, the nearly 800 visitors to this blog yesterday, mostly via Google and other searches for Darren Mack and Charla Mack, signals that maybe I ought to write something, then leave it at that -- forevermore. Here was my June 14 post of 2006 about my cousin Darren, whom I knew quite well growing up. Once he was apprehended in Mexico a…Read More

Where I’ll Be, Today

A mutual business acquaintance/partner of both my brother and I, who owns a big construction company here in the Bay Area, rented some rich person's house on one of the Pebble Beach greens for an ungodly sum for the week. It's all catered, and we're been invited to spend the day. 2008 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. I'll snap some photos, maybe some video clips.Read More