Passion vs. Excellence

There’s just no way I can’t pay attention to Larry Winget. Honesty is just too refreshing, and he deals it every time. His latest blog entry is just such a treat and he’s dead on in my opinion.

“Passion is a load of crap.” … My point to him was that passion is little more than a starting place
but true long term success is based on excellence and hard work. …

I know many passionate people. They are passionately stupid,
passionately wrong and passionately incompetent. Passion and success
have about as much to do with each other as gravy and Raisin Bran. But
this is the trash being dumped on us by the ill-informed motivational
idiots who know little about true success but are quick to tell you how
to achieve it. No business ever makes it based on passion. No
successful business person every made it to the top based on passion.

It’s funny, but I have often told people that I have no particular fondness for the business I’m in. I was at a place in 1992 where I was out of money, this opportunity presented itself, and though I never particularly liked it I was damn good at it. I still don’t like it, much, but it has been very good to me and my family. This is much closer to what I have some passion for, and we’ll see if I’m any good at it. It proceeds apace and one of these days I’ll update you on it. We have had big breakthroughs in progress in the last few weeks and I’m meeting with the architect in three hours from now.

Be sure and read all of Larry’s post.

Richard Nikoley

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