Here's a picture of my latest run to Trader Joe's. The emphasis is meats with a high percentage of animal-fat content. Trader Joe's is good because you can get a lot of that sort of thing uncured, as are the kielbasa, beef franks, and chicken sausages. Same with bacon, but I already had two packages in the frige. Pate is an excellent food for 70-80% of cals from fat. To the right is prosciutto, with a nice huge band of lovely tasting fat on each delectable thin slice. The veggies are frozen and available on demand. I particularly like the medley, which includes lots of butter & herbs, so it's just like I would prepare anyway. No bread, pasta, rice, beans or any other of that stuff.


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  1. Adam Cilonis on February 21, 2008 at 09:33

    I too went shopping at TJ's yesterday, as well as Costco and Winco. As a newbie to this type of eating, I found it to be very expensive compared to my 'normal' high carb-processed foods diet (3 dozen eggs $3.60 ~ 3 dozen omega-3 enriched at TJ's $7.75). Just about everything else is the same story.

    It makes you think about the possible relationship between obesity and low income families?!?!?

    I stayed home with my sick child the last couple of days and had an uninhibited opportunity to toss out a lot of 'normal' foods. When she heard that they were not going to eat cereal anymore she lit up like a light bulb!

  2. Richard Nikoley on February 21, 2008 at 09:54

    My experience cost-wise hasn't been bad. I haven't bought true junk for a long time, at least at the supermarket. My junk was consumed via fast food, delivery pizza, and going out to eat and living it up too much.

    What I did find is that when the new Trader Joe's opened about 5 minutes away I have begun to do all my grocery shopping there, with rare exception. I am amazed every single time at the cost as compared with what I used to spend at Safeway. It's like half.

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