April Fools

My case rests. Just take in the first 10. That's all I did, and honestly, I could have fallen for a couple or a few (at least less than 10). My point? We are all susceptible to being fooled. April 1st is a rare gift: you get to know you're a "fool" pretty quick. It's a good exercise in humility, but more precisely: fallibility. It's the rest of the year that's the problem and it…Read More

April Fools: A Point of Order, Randomness and Fat Tails

I dunno, perhaps you're one who thinks it's silly -- a person I can be on any given day. On the other hand, if you've followed along you know my affinity for randomness and being fooled. Being fooled is the most important aspect, because we really can't do anything about randomness. And why would we want to? What's life without surprises? April Fools is a decent, once per year exercise in demonstrating just how susceptible…Read More

Just Get Even

Here's the relevant material and you'll have to check out at least the first three comments. Oops: Right here. Later: I changed the title. It was originally "And whereas, the April Fooler gets April Fooled." Also, if after reviewing all things relevant you think it's a good turn of the table, then give me an up nod over at Seth Godin's April Fools 2008 Squidoo.Read More

Whereas, I have been an April Fool a day early

And now I'm going to be a poor sport about it So some days I feel a little less than elite. Here's why. If you track me via RSS then you likely have a post in there from this morning called "Outsourcing Blogging" that no longer has a post here associated with it. That's because I deleted it. It was a short post calling attention to Tim Ferriss' (The 4-Hour Workweek) announcement that he had…Read More

Being Elite

We; you, are either among the elite, or it's within your grasp. The knowledge available to you via the Internet is simply astounding. There is literally everything you need to fully pursue any course of study you wish and take it as absolutely far as any limiting dynamics to human knowledge might permit, and do it 100% independently. What does that portend for the future? It's simple. In the future -- and get this because…Read More

Loyalty: The Bludgeon Of Con Artists and Scammers

I have no like or respect for Governor Bill Richardson but I did take a moment of pleasure at the thought of him delivering the Automatic Liars a good kick in the teeth. Now Radley has commentary on that most giant of lying pricks, that enormous fuckwad James Carville. But the politics of the thing are peripheral to what really interests me. I’ve always though the alleged virtue of loyalty is way overrated. Look, it's…Read More

Damn; He Beat Her to It

Peggy Noonan has up an absolute must read on Super Hillary! at the WSJ. I'll leave you to the more serious elements, though this would be a good except: She is concussed. But she is a scrapper, a fighter, and she's doing what she knows how to do: scrap and fight. Only harder. So that she ups the ante every day. She helped Ireland achieve peace. She tried to stop Nafta. She's been a leader…Read More

It Works

My mail began arriving at Earth Class Mail, today. Here's how it works. As new mail arrives, it goes through a machine that scans front & back of the envelope. It can read the address, so knows to which account to upload the images (I can view the back of each envelope as well). You should normally be able to tell if it's something you wish to open and simply mark it to be scanned…Read More

Automatic Liars

I've know it about both her and Bill from that 60-Minutes interview way back when that really launched them. I am astounded at the ignorance or plain dishonesty in anyone who still refuses to acknowledge it.Read More


Gary Vaynerchuk. I hope he's right. Since the dawn of civilization, the advantage typically goes to the most dishonest, i.e., politicians, clergy, lawyers, academia, activists, large corporations. Even when progress is made (i.e., Enlightenment), those truths too get co-opted by the manipulative and dishonest in order to perpetuate illusions and parasitically generate a dishonest livelihood. Take a look. What he's saying is that the future is going to be owned by the truly honest. Why…Read More


I had no real intention to blog about this; just something that automatically came to mind at the time. But what the hell. I'm on an afternoon roll. I'll make it short. I would not expect you to be aware, but as a young and fresh Navy ensign, one of my collateral duties was the security over eight nuclear weapons on the USS REEVES (CG-24). If you don't know how the security over nukes works,…Read More

Fat Extravaganza

On the heals of my breakfast post, I've got more about fat. Here, Peter digs up an article about Dr. Kwasniewski's Optimal Diet that makes some of my escapades seem tame. On the other hand, we're only talking about now lean and healthful 70 and 80 year olds curing their diabetes, arthritis and other chronic ailments by consuming 250 grams of fat from animal sources per day, which is like five times higher than "recommended"…Read More

Chili Verde

This morning's breakfast. Chili Verde, which I made last night, eggs fried over easy in unsalted butter, a bit of potato fried in lard, and a half of a tortilla heated directly on the flame of the gas stove. Not strictly in keeping with my no-to-low carb regime, but I keep it to a real minimum and am still well on my path to regaining control of my own body form. The recipe for the…Read More

I’m Interested

I've had the luxury of a company for some years where I have employees at my disposal to essentially take care of anything and everything having to do with the company. But I've never felt comfortable using them to handle personal affairs, for a number of reasons. Now this: personal outsourcing. I think it's a great idea and for what it's worth, I have never bought into the negative hype about customer service out of…Read More