“Above the Fruited Plain…”

Amerika, Amerika…

All went well until early July. That’s when the two landowners
discovered that there was a problem with the local office of the Farm
Service Administration, the Agriculture Department branch that runs the
commodity farm program, and it was going to be expensive to fix.

commodity farm program effectively forbids farmers who usually grow
corn or the other four federally subsidized commodity crops (soybeans,
rice, wheat and cotton) from trying fruit and vegetables. Because my
watermelons and tomatoes had been planted on “corn base” acres, the
Farm Service said, my landlords were out of compliance with the
commodity program.

I’ve discovered that typically, a farmer who
grows the forbidden fruits and vegetables on corn acreage not only has
to give up his subsidy for the year on that acreage, he is also
penalized the market value of the illicit crop, and runs the risk that
those acres will be permanently ineligible for any subsidies in the
future. (The penalties apply only to fruits and vegetables — if the
farmer decides to grow another commodity crop, or even nothing at all,
there’s no problem.)

Honestly? I feel like slapping the face of the very next person I ever hear singing that song. Other than that, at least I’ve got the Technorati Tag spot on, below.

Fools. But don’t worry…I hear there’s an election coming up any time now.

Later: Oh, Jeesus, there’s even more. Ha; I can’t help but laugh at you ethanol fools and those of you who fall for it. Fools.

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