The People Who Dictate Your Affairs

Jay says: Jerry Springer nation is voting your life away one hoof-marked ballot at a time. Billy adds: Why on earth would you submit anything remotely having to do with your rights to these peoples' opinions? Indeed; why on earth? Whatever for do you see the necessity? Now, I'll stipulate that I care not a wit how clueless, shallow, and ignorant these morons are, or remain. I couldn't care less how they manage their peaceful…Read More

Effortless Backups

Backing up becomes a breeze. I can vouch for that, and it does so wirelessly, for two separate MacBook Pros on the same Time Capsule. So, backing up is a cinch, but how about restoring? Those of you who've ever had the experience realize that if getting stuff -- the right stuff -- backed up properly isn't always a cinch, restoring can be even worse. Which file? If it's the data or settings/preferences for an…Read More

The Wages of Sin

I guess this is what happens when you choose to don your leathers and mount your Harley, Indian, or other V-twin on an Easter Sunday morning rather than getting all clean cut and heading out to the local place of national imaginary friend worship to invoke the blessings of your magical spirits. I just took these 10 photos in the space of just a few minutes over on Coleman avenue, less than a mile from…Read More

Frat Boy Blues

This is pretty funny. We did some pretty infantile stuff in college, but I never had even the slightest desire to associate with any fraternity house. I did once get invited and go to one of their parties (kegger -- what else?) and it was perhaps the shallowest spectacle I've ever witnessed in my life -- on the part of both the "brothers" and the sorority "sisters" from various places down the street. Actually, it…Read More

Fat Nannies

The last sentence of comment number two on Boston's trans fat ban pretty much sums it up. What next, setting a bedtime for us? Number 14 isn't bad, either. I would like to see a ban on politicians. They make people sick and poor. I'd add stupid. There are a few other good comments and good points, and it's in some measure gratifying to see that Boston isn't totally devoid of human adults; but if…Read More

Not By Beef Alone

My last preparation was a pork loin, and here you have a leg of lamb with some broccoli and water chestnuts. Here it was just before going into the oven. It was pretty easy and quick. It's just a bit of olive oil, crushed garlic, some dried spices of your own choosing, several pats of unsalted butter, and onions. 10 minutes at 475, turn it over for another 10 minutes at 475, then reduce to…Read More

Food Blogging

Here was a dinner I prepared a couple of nights ago. It's the pork loin you can get from Trader Joe's and I recommend it. Cook it just like it says on the wrapper: 35-40 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I do a little extra. First, I roll it in a little olive oil on a plate. Next, I roll it in crushed garlic and the oil helps make that stick. Into the pan,…Read More

Note to GMAC Mortgage: Go To Hell

So in conjunction with digitizing all my "Earth Class Mail," I've been going around and registering with all of my vendors that have online capability, as more and more companies are providing the ability to view monthly statements online. This will reduce the amount of physical mail I get, and in many cases I can pay the bill online with a stored debit card, and it's just a few clicks. Otherwise, I pay via my…Read More

Rock Chicks

Stay with me. Though not long in words, it's long in attention. I'm just not up to blogging anything "substantive" just now (the looming disaster called an "election" will keep), so let me toss up something I'd had on my mind -- music wise. ...I like girl rockers who can really deliver power vocals. You know: like a Grace Slick, or even Joplin (in micro doses). And of course, who else could be my touchstone…Read More

Admin Note

Commenters: There is now an individual post-based comment feed. I hope it becomes a standard thing on blogs. It's far superior to follow up notification by email.Read More


This is 100% down the line spot on, I think. It is definitely worth a read, all of it. Obama’s denunciation of Wright’s bigotry amounts to too little too late. The time to stand up to him wasn’t now, when his association with Wright is sinking his hopes for the White House. The time to have stood up to Wright was when Obama was just another member of his church. If he truly believes in…Read More

How “Narrow” is the Individual?

Observe: The idea of liberty, the whole of it, was confirmed: That a people have a right to self-government, one of their own making. [...] ...It is simple and elegantly simple. It doesn’t mean it in the broad sense. It means it in the most narrow of sense and that is more powerful than anything ever thought of before. "The most narrow of sense." The most narrow of sense. So, 'naturally': And they got that.…Read More


Obama expressed understanding of the passions on both sides in what he called "a racial stalemate we've been stuck in for years." "But the anger is real; it is powerful; and to simply wish it away, to condemn it without understanding its roots, only serves to widen the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races," he said in a speech at the National Constitution Center, not far from where the Declaration of Independence was…Read More

An Exercise

Take a moment to begin reading through this. I say begin, because you really don't need to read the whole thing. Brenda Harris/Ticketed driver “I absolutely positively stopped at that stop sign.” Nicole Barksdale/Ticket driver: “I was angry, honestly, I was angry because I knew I stopped.” Pam Smith/Ticketed Driver: “I’m positive I stopped. I am positive.” ...And so on and so on. Here's what sense I think you ought to begin to form, to…Read More


Ahw, what the hell; twice already, today, so why not make it thrice? I have this all figured out. A "liquidity crisis" like this is what happens when motherfuckers don't pay their bills. Other motherfuckers run out of money that they would have had, otherwise. Good. Now the parental filters can work overtime. ...Anyway, it certainly sounds distilled and to the essence, but I think it's actually worse (i.e., more alarming) than that. Any sound…Read More

Carbohydrates = Sugar

Regina Wilshire is absolutely right. Would you willingly sit your child down, offer him/her a bowl filled with 1/2 cup of sugar and a spoon to dig in? It's like I often say when people try to insist to me how great fruit juices are: would you sit down and eat a dozen or two dozen oranges in a single sitting? Think your body was designed to do that? And sure, we can handle it…Read More

Oh God, Yes

Yes. Yes. Yes. And make sure you watch -- if you can stand it -- the YouTube Billy links to. For me, this really rises to the level of pet peeve on the mundane level of daily nonsense that parades past my eyes and ears; but the political, social and cultural overtones are just horrifying (the deepest implications of such you need look no further than Nazi Germany or the USSR and see how children,…Read More

The Size of It

Either Obama is too stupid to see how "deep" this country's problems are -- a goodly portion of which are manifest in fulminant barking like the right Rev. Wright's -- or he knows exactly how deep they are and he likes the look from the bottom, all while he's confident that he can convince you of his vista from the sunny uplands of racial harmony. Yep. There's very good reasons why Obama was and in…Read More

Bear Stearns

I haven't even seen what may be the take around the various blogs this morning, but here's the chart over the last year. It traded up around $157 nearly a year ago, and upwards of $170 at its all time high just over a year ago. As of the print on this chart: $3.81; and it's being sold to JP Morgan for $2, 1.2% of its all-time high value as judged by its owners holding…Read More