I got an email about resistance training, yesterday. My response was to say that I pretty much just go with my trainer. I also provided links to Art De Vany's workout and his essay on EvFit (PDF). Upon further consideration, I came to a realization. I read lots and lots of stuff about different ways one can go about doing their training. Lots of 'em, I'd like to try. But right now, my goal is…Read More

America: Love It or Leave It

SWAT raids of poker games. My heart swells with pride. In the last couple of months, police have broken up games in Charleston, South Carolina (netting a poker playing cop and prosecutor in the process) and, no surprise here, in Dallas and Houston. In the Houston case, prosecutors planned to file felony organized crime charges against the operators of a $300 buy-in tournament. In the Charleston case, investigators went back more than a year to…Read More

To Fly

One of the things that's been on my mind lately is getting back into hang-gliding in earnest. For the last few years it's basically been a single outing during our annual family camping trip to Hat Creek Rim. That's real easy flying, compared with the highly physical activity. It was getting increasingly difficult to do and enjoy, but I have twice the strength now. Here's a few items that serve to wet the appetite. One…Read More

Good Calories, Bad Calories

After a period of reading another couple of books, I have just picked back up on Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories once again over the last couple of days. You know what? This is an amazing work on general grounds. Taubes is a consummate and meticulous advocate of the scientific method; i.e., you first form a hypothesis and then do your honest, dead level best to refute it. To the extent you fail time…Read More

A Motivation I Haven’t Written About

There's a motivation underlying my food & fitness obsession I've not written about. My mom, aged 67, is a Type 2 diabetic. I intend for her to be around for a good long while, and so far as I have witnessed, the "help" she was getting from the medical establishment -- whom she paid to treat her -- is beyond malpractice; but I'll refrain from telling you what I really think. There's lots of anecdotes…Read More

Refined Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s Too?

I'm typically very skeptical -- really -- of cure alls. Chiropractic is a good example. Now, about every couple of years I end up waking up having done some damn thing to my neck whilst sleeping, and I can barely move my head without sharp pain in my neck & shoulder. It can take a week or more to work back right, and it's very painful every step of the way. Just trying to raise…Read More

A Messsage of Freedom and Liberty

Wesley Snipes gets three years for "failing" to calculate what "The Land of the Free" demands of the time of his one and only life (money) and filing papers documenting it. It's enough to get the "America: Love It or Leave It" crowds dancing in the streets. (link: Balko, who has a few other links to spectacles of American freedom and liberty)Read More

A Round of Applause

Art De Vany serves up the impressive 4-month fitness results of one of his readers. Part I Part II Any doubters left...that random, stochastic evolutionary fitness, i.e., pre-agricultural (Paleo) eating, brief, intense, fun and functional resistance training, and intermittent fasting is the path to longevity, fitness and health?Read More

Diets Don’t Work

Practitioners of the Evolutionary way know why. It takes a stochastic approach, i.e., Paleo eating, intermittent (brief, intense, preferably fun or at least functional) resistance training, and intermittent fasting (offset by intermittent overfeeding).Read More

How to Kill Your Chances of Being a Superstar

You sing Jesus Christ Superstar as an American Idol contestant. The Broadway show and subsequent productions were condemned by some religious groups. Tim Rice was quoted as saying "The idea of the whole opera is to have Christ seen through the eyes of Judas, and Christ as a man, not as a God." Some Christians considered this, as well as the omission of the resurrection, to be sacrilegious. They also found the character of Judas…Read More

Breakfast, Breakfast and Longevity Notes

Here was the literal break-fast last night, after a very nearly 36 hours fast. Very simple, and no, it's not lettuce that's gone brown; it's balsamic. Pretty much, the only salad dressing I do now is home made with quality cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil. This one is simply olive oil and balsamic. Another one I do is a French vinaigrette that's a bit more complex. I'll have to remember to provide the recipe next…Read More

“…what’s wrong with Earth Day?”

That was a question posed to me about my own essentials-only Earth Day post. I think my answer in comments requires it's own entry. "...what's wrong with Earth Day?" Here's a couple of people who took the time to spell it out. Greg Swann Warren Meyer I encourage you to read and understand both. It's only the tip of the iceberg. In terms of fundamentals, what's wrong with it is: collectivism. Both posts are must-reads,…Read More

And I’ll Keep Saying It

Fuck Obama. And his pretentious, stupid bitch. Caroline Glick has her number. Speaking in February of the man she knows better than anyone else does, Michelle Obama said that her husband, Illinois Senator and candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination Barack Obama, is the only candidate for president who understands that before America can solve its problems, Americans have to fix their "broken souls." She also said that her husband's unique understanding of the state…Read More

A Little Hasty?

In the interest of keeping my own self accountable and honest, I was compelled to revisit the Texas Polygamy case and my quick-draw post on the matter prior to taking in anything but the initial report. Billy points to three posts by Wendy McElroy here, here, and here. It's the latter of those three he's referencing. I think she's dead on about the women from the perspective of 3rd party intervention. There's no plausible way…Read More