Megan McArdle

She started off blogging as "Jane Galt," a moniker Billy always scoffed at. Now she also blogs for The Atlantic, along with Sullivan. I only ever read anything when linked from elsewhere; as her blog, like so many political blogs, is geared to jerk you off, and most people who read blogs go to them every day to get jerked off, and not to explore questions of political philosophy in an honest manner.

The simple truth.

Today, Warren Meyer links to her about "tax day," and I’ll just let the euphemism stand for now.

So this is libertarian speak, under the guise of the female manifestation of John Galt?

Obviously, like everyone else I do not enjoy contemplating my cash outflow to Uncle Sam–I can think of a lot of uses for that cash. That, however, is the price of living in a free society.

The price of living in "a free society" (not euphemism; simple delusion, or falsehood) is to pay upwards of 50% of everything you have produced under penalty of loan-shark interest and penalties, audits, levies, garnishments, seizures, criminal investigations, arrest, prosecution, trial, and jail time. That’s what passes for "a free society" nowadays. Well, so long as we can smoke pot and frolic nude, I guess. Uh…

Then there’s this:

I should not have, in the course of paying my debt to society…

Heads explode. Well, in calling her a "ditz," I must confess that Billy has been far too charitable.

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