Singing My Tune

Warren Meyer, with the audacity to try and run a business and produce something for himself, family, employees, customers.

None of these guys have the first clue what it takes to run a business day to day, nor how much of a business owner’s time and effort is aimed not at service customers better, and not at being more productive, and not at making employees happier or better trained, but at responding to the latest mass of government regulation, paperwork, licensing, taxes, and other total crap.

If you haven’t dealt with it first hand, with all of it coming out of your money, time, profits, you just have no idea.

And here’s another thing Warren doesn’t mention, but it’s the truth. Do you know how much of this regulatory crap gets through and gets enforced? Big business and associations of many smaller ones. That’s right. All this stuff equals barriers to entry and friction working against success. Large scale companies can pretty efficiently deal with a lot of crap, so they support it.

Just the other week I found out about a change in some building permit requirements that’s going to cost $40,000 more than budgeted on a project and the girl at the counter who delivered the news did so as if it’s just like "oh, yea, $40K more? No prob."

Some days I wonder why I even bother.

Richard Nikoley

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