Will The Blogosphere Cure Cancer?

That's a partially tongue-in-cheek question, but also partly serious. What I really mean to ask is: is there a reasonably effective treatment for most forms of cancer that's already basically understood and available? And if so, why is it not in the mainstream? Whatever the reason, if indeed there is "a cure," could the blogosphere then act as the medium for wide distribution of the information, bypassing traditional outlets, until such point as so many anecdotes of successful control or eradication tip the balance? Well, let's see. I don't have a whole lot to say, but others do, lots of them very smart people. If you take the time to get through it -- and you should, just on the reasonable chance there's something to it -- you're going to get quite an education on just what cancer is, how it grows, and thus, what might be the most effective way to combat it. First, let me address the question of cancer quackery. It exists on the faulty premise that there is significant financial incentive to explicitly not cure cancer, but to keep it alive and well whilst developing drugs to manage it, hopefully in a manner that has patients...

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