General Neglect; but Photos

I suppose the blog is being so neglected lately because the rest of my life isn't. I'm working quite a bit, every day, and there's lots of activity and legal stuff and presentations to VCs and whatnot. Then, every time we present, it's go back and change everything to be that much more tight for the next one. I've got the photos in my possession. Here's the best one, and it's only a 3x2. The…Read More

Part of What It’s About

Nice 'thank you' email from Billy-J, accompanied by this post. Then, there's longtime reader and friend Justin Owings (that's a 5-page post, the whole thing a good read). Good work, gentlemen, and it's just as Billy-J says: "...the more I get into it, the more I want to do it." Precisely; there is no way I'd advocate any of this stuff if it just didn't feel so right. It takes a while. You'll have fatigue,…Read More

“The Audacity”

Yep. Kyle's got it dead on, and I can't see a reason in the world to be any more comprehensive or analytical than that sort of short sarcastic post in the run up to the November Disaster. So, do you have the "audacity of hope?" No? Well, looks like Obama's got you covered.Read More

Virtual Flight

Very nice hang gliding video out of Germany. Note: the string to the right of the control bar you see the pilot fiddle with is the "VG," or variable geometry control. It essentially makes the wing stiffer and more efficient, with the trade off being less easily controllable. If you're flying cross country, you'll go "full VG" when on glide between thermals.Read More

Phone Call from Berlin

Just got off the phone with my dad, who's in Berlin. That's not so incredible these days; that he's there with three of his brothers is. Lothar (dad), Hans, Ingo, and Wolfgang met up in Denver two days ago and flew Lufthansa to Berlin, from where they'll make numerous excursions over the next week or so. The other important tidbit is that the last time the four of them were together in Europe at all…Read More

I’ll Concede

I must agree with this. But the appeals court said the state acted too hastily in sweeping up all the children and taking them away on an emergency basis without going to court first."Even if one views the FLDS belief system as creating a danger of sexual abuse by grooming boys to be perpetrators of sexual abuse and raising girls to be victims of sexual abuse ... there is no evidence that this danger is…Read More

Kudos to TypePad

Well. After nearly destroying my whole blog last evening and sending off a number of "stream of consciousness," expletive loaded trouble tickets, I got quick action this morning from an engineer. He immediately began restoring the content and asked me to describe my work flow, which took two or three iterations and the final one was the tiny bit of info they needed to locate and fix the bug. I began searching Google last night…Read More

Huge Blog Problems

"Upgrade." It messed up the categories, and in sorting it out, broke links to many, many posts, mostly in the "Food & Fitness" Category. Many other problems as well. We'll see how it turn out. Not a happy camper, right now. Later: Well, having now worked with WordPress over at the company blog, I think I've decided to make the switch on HonestyLog. I'll for sure use the same guys to design. TypePad has been…Read More


I thought for a good three minutes about a title, but nothing fit. It's lame, but it fits for me. I left Vegas yesterday afternoon (Monday), and my last meal was breakfast at 10am. It's now 8:30 Tuesday evening and I just finished preparing and eating dinner. That's about a 34hr fast, and I worked out hard at the 30hr point. Excellent, strong workout. Then, I came back, shopped, and trained Bea down at our…Read More

Art De Vany Seminar

It was really good. Comprehensive and integrated. None of it would make amy sense at all without an understanding of evolution. I'll try to put up more later, including a 3-minute video clip I shot. He had professionals record the whole thing and a DVD will be forthcoming. Later: Here's the video. I managed to process it whilst sitting here at the airport waiting for my return flight (got the $50 upgrade to 1st class…Read More


I'm sitting here at a bar in a casino (where else at 5:30?) the TV is going, sound off, no subtitles, and it's wall to wall Teddy. Did he check out, or do I need to start praying?Read More

Las Vegas or Bust

Bit of a delay, and whereas Beatrice was going to come along, she has remained back to supervise dog procreation efforts. But US Airways seems to be handling everything just fine, and I managed to snag the $50 first class upgrade. I'll be downtown this time, at the Golden Nugget, for Art De Vany's EvFit seminar on Sunday. Should be at the hotel by noon. Steak, eggs and fruit for breakfast it'll be. -- Sent…Read More

Automatic Lying

That's all this is about. Here's Warren's take. And Billy's. This bears reflection: For years now, it's occurred to me that America would bring its characteristic (almost an instinct for) innovation to tyranny. This government would write new chapters in its annals, sprung from a uniquely American ambition and sincerity but bent so far around historic corners that all sight of home was lost. And so it would sink below its nature to something old…Read More

What’s Guaranteed to Set Me Off

Well if you must know, it'd be, for example, when a well-meaning employee emails a link to "Bike To Work Day" to all employees. Here's the touchstone of disgust: Throughout the Bay Area, dozens of local events taking place during the month of May will get people excited about bicycling and the benefits it provides for public health, traffic reduction and our environment. The best description I can think of on the fly is that…Read More

Finally; I can tuck in my shirts

It's been a number of years, perhaps six or seven, since I've been comfortable tucking in my shirt, save for when I'm wearing a suit and the coat covers the sin. Here was my last photo set, not quite three months ago, end of February. Net weight loss has been real slow (only about 5 pounds), but very steady. I think I've reached somewhat of a tipping point, however. Fat loss has been far in…Read More

What I See

Recently, I began receiving this Financial Times newsletter in my email box. I was awestruck by the image, and I still am every time I see it. The sorts of people I hate & loathe would look at that as a scar on the planet. Those whom I consider stuck in dead-end, primitive superstition and fairy tales downplay such potential as "merely" the work of man. For me, it represents the path to the very…Read More

How Do You Do It?

I caught like five minutes of Terry McAuliffe on Tim Russert yesterday as I was packing up in San Fran. It's all just automatic lying, all the time, and everyone is perfectly happy to play along. Disgusting. I don't know what I'd do if I thought that ultimately, what I make of my life somehow necessitates a daily dose of the bullshit they're peddling. I don't think the nightmarish disaster that is national politics will…Read More

San Francisco

Bea & I are up for the weekend, along with my mom & dad. We have a membership with Worldmark, which we have never regretted buying for a minute. In fact, we've gone back two more times to buy extra credits. Highly recommended. But it spoils you. It's very difficult to stay in a standard hotel room, any more. That was taken from across the street, just outside of the Tunnel Top bar (Stockton Tunnel,…Read More


I think I was remiss in not highlighting this wonderfully descriptive image in this post, specifically the link to Mark Sisson. It concerns doing lots of cardio, which makes you hungry, especially for carbs, which spikes insulin, driving the carbs to fat and making you even more hungry, so you do even more cardio. It’s like digging a hole to put the ladder in to wash the basement windows. That could apply to a whole…Read More